That’s all that she wrote.

My last blog post was May 24, and today is July 19, 2020. It’s been a while. So much has happened in the world, yet it still feels like March 2020. The covid-19 pandemic has changed the world for years to come.

With all that is going on in the world with racism, politics and the pandemic I haven’t felt comfortable blogging about my personal athletic endeavors. This post does not mean any of the above is over. Instead, it is my goodbye to

I started blogging in 2009 for as a way to keep myself accountable for fitness. First I dabbled in running as a textbook noob with cotton t-shirts, Nikes from Kohl’s department store and having a blissful ignorance to what my pace was. GPS watches weren’t a thing yet. I would look at the digital clock on my oven, go run and come back inside to see about how long it took me to run five miles.

Somewhere in the beginning I discovered Twitter and an enormous community of runners locally and from afar. I met the best people on that platform and still keep in touch with dozens of them today. These incredible internet strangers inspired and encouraged me to run my first half marathon, full marathon, sprint triathlon, half ironman and full ironman. I blame this amazing lifestyle on Twitter! No, but really, thank you Twitter.

I loved blogging about all that I experienced and learned through training and racing. Blogging was my accountability, plus this great record of my progress from one year to the next. It opened more conversations, friendships and learning opportunities as well.

Thank you to those who have followed this blog. It’s been fulfilling sharing my adventures with you.

I will continue to microblog in the following platforms:

  • Instagram @steena_hearts_tri – running and triathlon content
  • Twitter @steeennaaa – social media, running, current conversations content
  • TikTok @steeena – fishing, dog, and some triathlon content.
  • Vimeo Steena Cirves – Various video work: events and professional


Thanks again. Stay motivated, kind and keep in touch!



  1. I will miss your posts and updates here, but I feel ya…I have struggled with blog posts lately as well. With the world flipped on its head, my words, thoughts, and feelings just seem small and unworthy of vocalizing.


  2. Imma miss your posts — but I gotcha on FB and IG. I only use Twitter for customer service these days, and Tik Tok is not allowed with my husband’s security clearance. ;-). I hope to see you in person again one of these days.


  3. I’ve really switched to using insta as a microblogging. I should give mine up but don’t want to let the domain name go. I’m not sure why.


    • It’s funny, not wanting to let go of the domain is why I had this blog for so long!
      Strangely enough, I started a Digital Media Content blog for professional purposes and it’s seeing a lot of activity and I think I’m going to end up falling into another domain addiction. :p


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