Something Has to Change Follow Up

I reorganized my training last week and still felt beat up by most of my runs. My legs don’t seem to want any of this. I can handle so much more mileage and training through summer for Ironman training but my legs are resisting this winter training. Not only my running, but most trainer rides feel like an uphill battle too. At least I’ve been seeing increased paces in the pool!

Here’s what last week looked like:

Monday – PM yoga, core & foam roll
Tuesday – AM 2,400yd swim, PM 90 minute long ride
Wednesday – AM yoga/core/foam roll, PM 7.5 mile run. Attempted mile repeats but hit stop instead of lap, and then had discomfort in my stomach from gas.
Thursday – AM yoga, PM 4 mile easy run, PM yoga
Friday – midday long run. Went out for 16 miles, legs barely cooperated for 14.
Saturday – AM indoor Ironworx Multisport team ride, 1:15
Sunday – AM 2,600yd swim, AM 4.7 mile run


I didn’t purposely plan my long run on Friday, it was a last minute decision on Thursday to do it on Friday because of a Sunday obligation. In hindsight, I could have made Sunday morning work and the conditions would have been a million times better. Friday gave me below zero temperatures, which caused the second half of the run to feel like a lot of effort. There were a few quit-tantrums, somehow nothing has changed! Hours after the run I learned that subzero temperatures affect the perceived effort. Now I know.

So, here I am, another week into this training done and dusted. Instead of dusted, I want the end of the week of training to feel like it was covered in glitter. Shiny, happy, sparkly, light and free. In effort to feel better I’ve been making a point to look at the good things that came from my runs, with the exception of the frozen 14 miler that sucked away every last ounce of joy from running. For example, when I had gas discomfort during my run on Tuesday I thought to myself, “I’m glad I have a functional digestive system, even if it has poor timing sometimes.”

Looking at the week ahead, I see snow, rain, ice and more subzero temperatures. It will be a treadmill week. I took notes from my what-went-wrong runs last week and will use that experience to make a few more tweaks this week, including intentionally adding more easy to digest carbohydrates. I’m going to find my magic formula, dammit. It exists, I’m just finding all the ways that don’t work first. I will have the linear-est progress of them all.

I read a fantastic quote by a phenomenal athlete, Sarah Biship, “For every woman preaching that “women can’t have it all,” there’s one out there finding a way to do everything she wants to do.”

Even though in my last post I said no motivational quote is going to help me, I’m going to cling tightly to this one for now.


  1. I get the legs not wanting any of this winter training. My legs gave me the big middle finger yesterday. I too am ready for some warmer weather (although I don’t do as well in the heat as you, I’m still ready for it). I hope the week of treadmill runs helps you break through your plateau giving you more of “everything you want” because you CAN have it all!


  2. Looks like I’m behind on your updates. I know you will figure this out and crush your goals, even if the running trail isn’t covered in glitter just yet. Sometimes a quote is just what you need to hear — might as well run with it. 😉


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