January – 5K, winter & training

Two weeks after the New Years Day 5 mile race I was eager to throw it down at the Subzero Race Series 5K. It’s a race series that takes place every other Saturday at 3:00 in the afternoon with distances building from 5K to 5 miles, and ending with a 1 mile race to call the series distance a half marathon. I signed up for the series last winter and only completed two of the races, because winter.

Winter came in a fury with a frustrating sleet/ice storm the night before the 5K. In my warm-up before the race I very seriously considered going home because of how icy the course was, it wasn’t worth the injury risk and I have nothing to prove. Pre-race I met with some friends and stuck around to start the race. It was a slow-for-me 5K but I finished upright and with a smile.


Aside from that, January has been relatively productive. I’m definitely putting in more yards and run miles than I have in past winters. My bike training is not feeling as strong, but I’m not too worried about it quite yet. I should have all of April and May after my marathon to put more attention to the bike.

jan training

Speaking of marathon… I’m silently, patiently(?) waiting to feel more confident in operation-wtf-am-i-doing-BQ. It’s early, but it’s not. Race day will creep up quickly. I’ve been doing speed work on the treadmill and putting in a decent amount of miles, plus extra yoga and strength training to feel strong.

My most recent long run was a tough 16 miles. I didn’t incorporate any speed work or race pace intervals in this one because I had 20-30 mph wind gusts to battle. I also had to wait until the afternoon to begin the run after streets/sidewalks were clear of a fresh 5 inch snowfall. Waiting to start my run in the middle of the day is tough for me. It’s an all-morning fight with my appetite. I’m hungry, but I have to eat just right before a long run. I feel antsy, cranky, and I JUST NEED A RUN.

When I finally got to start my run my legs felt clunky for the first few miles. My clunky-sluggish pace is still faster than what I was aiming for a few months ago. It’s easy to squirm and feel like the eight minute mile marathon is so out of reach, but my progress in pace is there. I see it. I’m proud of it! I just need to keep on keeping on.


One comment

  1. I get the “I JUST NEED A RUN” that your brain screams…I’m not sure I would have been as patient as you. I likely would have taken it to the treadmill just to get it done before my brain convinced me to bag it and do it another day. The tough conditions you’re running and in + speed work will definitely benefit you for operation wtf-am-i-doing-BQ, so “keep on keeping on” and do you!


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