Top Nine – 2019

IG TOP nine

I love Instagram Top Nine! My top moments literally revolve around Ironman Wisconsin and that truly sums it up. These are my top nine according to Instagram, but there are so many other meaningful memories from the year.

At the start of the year I chose a word of intent, wild. “To be wild and free means to live from a place of your inherent worth and value. It means owning your imperfections as much as your strengths as worthy and valuable parts of yourself”

I honestly can’t say that I gave that word of intent much thought beyond January. If I were to give 2019 a word in hindsight it would be…breakthrough, progress, strength, momentum, wild, energy and power….Okay, I guess I can’t pick just one word!

This list of words describes the many adventures, accomplishments and feels achieved in 2019.

Breakthrough … My half marathon PR in April was a huge eye opener for me. I had no idea I was capable of my 1:47:44 finish. I remember doing a few runs the week leading up to the race and feeling like I was in a pace identity crisis. At mile 11 of the race the numbers on my Garmin didn’t make sense, I thought, “Well that can’t be right” not believing that I was about to break 1:50 for the first time.

Progress … Though I was disappointed with my spring marathon finish of 4:07 it was a PR on a tough course. I knew I had it in me to break four hours but this course won. I made a mental note of all the things I would do differently in training for the next one.

Strength … Two days after my disappointing spring marathon finish I was out on my bike riding 17+ mph. I went out for an easy ride but my legs gave me the go ahead, go fast. This is when I gained confidence in my strength and saw continued progress on my bike throughout the summer.

Momentum … My Ironman Wisconsin finish in 2018 was a 53 minute PR and my 2019 finish was a 41 minute PR. I missed a daylight finish by 10-15 minutes. I am so wildly capable of a daylight finish and I am eager to continue to work for it.

Wild … My spontaneous road trip to Ohio to race a sprint triathlon was my 2019 wild card. I missed out on an invite to Age Group Nationals in 2020 because I raced in the Elite wave at High Cliff 70.3 in June. Knowing I should have and could qualify, I drove 8 hours to Ohio to do a race that would take a little over an hour. I finished first in my age group, got my invite, and earned myself some motivation to work on my run for the next few weeks after the race, leading up to my fall marathon.

Energy … My fall race season looked a little insane on paper. September included Ironman WI, a duathlon and a sprint triathlon where I finished on podiums. October was mostly dedicated to marathon training, doing those things I said I would do differently after my spring marathon which resulted in 45 mile weeks and a 162 mile month. Plus a half marathon where I missed my spring PR by just 3 seconds.

Power … Through my very unconventional training style, I broke four hours in my fall marathon, PR’ing by 14 minutes. It took confidence to train my way and ignore all the outside noise. What works for me is not found in a traditional training plan, or even advised by most athletes or coaches. It’s empowering to stand your ground and do what works for you.

This was just a brief summary of some of the highlights. There are too many awesome memories to write about. Dull moments are rare around here.

Looking ahead…

A few weeks ago when I thought about 2020 I felt anxious and doubtful in my ability to accomplish more. I even tried to slowly back away, telling people that I’m not ready, I can’t do it. On a recent day trip up north, the universe spoke to me. I received a crystal clear message to reach higher. When the universe speaks, I listen. I’m so ready for what’s next.







  1. I love getting to look back and remember some amazing moments throughout the year. It is always fun to see what Instagram pics as my top nine compared to what I would pick. I love that your word evolved and changed with different events and life happenings…that in itself is “wild”. I feel like your 20 mile training run in California + surfing were also a bit on the “wild” side. I’m glad you decided to listen to the universe and are ready to reach higher than you ever have. Cheers to an epic 2020!! I can’t wait to be with you on some epic adventures in 2020!!


  2. I love this. You’ve had such a great year. I hate mine this year. Way too many about my cancer when this year was the least about cancer since I was diagnosed. Those posts just get the most likes. It was such a small part of my year.


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