All the overthinking! If this, then that!

[I started drafting this post November 24. It took over a week to finish because I thought I would have a race to recap. Spoiler, I don’t.]

Clarity keeps running away from me. Every time I think I have it all figured out, the universe throws another curveball out there. But these are good, keep-me-on-my-toes curveballs that are a reminder to stay flexible and to keep joy in the journey.

What does any of that even mean?

It means I may have been driving myself a little crazy Googling my eyes out debating which BQ-friendly spring marathon to commit to. There are several if-this-then-that scenarios making this more complicated than it needs to be. My brain makes it more complicated than it needs to be! Two weeks ago I completely let go of this idea. Two days ago I had a speedy 11 mile run that gave me a glimmer of hope.

If this, then that.

This chaos is actually really fun. John and I debate, make plans, and brainstorm together on how we can each improve in our athletic endeavors. How cool it is I get to share this with him!

Since my marathon PR three weeks ago here is what I have been up to:

Screen Shot 2019-11-25 at 3.21.58 PM

I took a full week off of running, and then went for a social group run eight days after. That run felt surprisingly good and I even had some pep in my legs for two sub eight splits. This led me to consider a half marathon at the end of November, so I cautiously resumed running the following week.

Like all things, I overthought the half marathon and local turkey trots and ended up not doing any of them. No race bib, no finish line, no fretting over which layers to wear…nothing. I had some serious FOMO, and I regretted not making a decision sooner. Next time you see me overthink a registration, be the enabler… if this, then you miss out!

The one thing I accomplished through all this overthinking was that I changed my rear tire to the trainer tire all by myself without even getting mad or crying. This is a big accomplishment. I’m not even embarrassed to admit how much of a debacle this used to be for me. I got on my trainer, connected to Zwift and quickly realized how much bike fitness I have lost in two months. Now I have something fun to focus on again!

The other fun I’ll begin to focus on once I get my bike fitness back on track is the Circular Logic Marathon in April. It’s a one-mile loop twenty six times. BQ qualifier, BQ friendly, and a lot of very determined laps. There will be no overthinking in this one!






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  1. We all overthink in different situations and around different scenarios. Lesson learned…when you ride the merry-go-round of overthinking without action, you miss out. Don’t worry…I’m there for ya girl! I’ll remind you of this merry-go-round in the future if you decide to take a ride on it again! I’m glad you got your bike set up and are ready to get that bike fitness back and surpass where you were last year…cheers to stepping off the merry-go-round, making progress, and living your passion!


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