Blank Slate

I have been home alone all day and didn’t even accidentally sign up for a 2020 race. But I’m closer to clarity on where and how I will put my efforts next season.

First, I want to talk about Boston qualifying. This was an idea that was not my own, it grew out of “You could BQ!” messages after some of my 2019 PR races. While the seed was being planted through social media, John also excitedly suggested that I try to qualify so that we could run it together, obviously not knowing a thing about Boston race day logistics. I now know that it’s not something you can really plan on with different shuttles and waves starting hours apart. The encouragement from social media and John put stars in my eyes and I do want to qualify, but I’m not quite there yet. (Isn’t that the point? Who’s just there when they decide to go for it?)

What I mean by that I’m not quite there yet is that I will continue to try and chip away at my pace, but I think that this process will take a couple of years and that’s okay because I’ll age up into the 40-44 group in 2021! By trying I will get faster. Maybe not BQ fast, but faster than I am now and that’s a win-win (or lose-win?).

Speaking of age groups…2020 will be my last year in the 35-39 age group. I wasn’t going to sign up for Ironman Wisconsin- and I still haven’t! But finishing within the top 20 of my age group in 2019 pulled at my heart strings. Plus I have unfinished business in Ironman Wisconsin. Remember my finish in daylight goal? I missed that by 10-15 minutes.

My biggest challenge in training last season was my commute, but it turns out it was also a blessing. My commute can take anywhere from 30-60 minutes depending on area events and accidents. When I rode my bike for 90 minutes after work I got to enjoy open country roads instead of sit in traffic. Which activity would you rather endure?

I still haven’t committed to any of the above, my 2020 is mostly a blank slate right now. In-person conversations with friends at social gatherings over the weekend helped me narrow in on what I really want. Unexpected questions answered on the spot will do that. I’m lucky to have friends who encourage and support me in these things. It means a lot to have them backing me up when I’m in the fetal position wondering if this is as good as it gets.



  1. I have done races that were someone else’s idea. My heart wasn’t in those races. My motivation was severely lacking in the process to be successful at those races. I managed to find ways to sabotage my true potential at those races. You WILL get a BQ, but you have to do it when YOU are ready and when it truly is YOUR idea. That is when you will buy into it, give it your all, reach your true potential, and achieve success. A blank slate is a fun thing to draw on!! It is time to get out ALL. THE. COLORS. Get creative!! Create your masterpiece for 2020!!


  2. […] doubtful in my ability to accomplish more. I even tried to slowly back away, telling people that I’m not ready, I can’t do it. On a recent day trip up north, the universe spoke to me. I received a crystal […]


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