Pre-Marathon #23

Here is the pre-marathon post I’ve been avoiding. I like to play it cool and pretend that it’s just another marathon, my 23rd to be exact! Except I’m not cool, and this marathon kind of matters. It’ll determine which direction I take in my 2020 race calendar, not to mention all the dedicated training I’ve been doing for it!

The if this, then that scenarios (or goals?):

  • Sub four. I am capable. I have trained for this result. I’m nervous I’ll get greedy and go out too fast, per ideas below.
  • 3:46 – 3:55. Again, I’m capable. Paces between 8:38-8:58. This would be beyond my expectations and make me dance like Beyonce across the finish line.
  • 3:45. Pie in the sky goal. An 8:35 average. This would qualify me for that Spring Chance BQ race in April. This might cause me to go out too greedy.

My training has given me a glimmer of possibility for all of the above. I put in more miles than I ever have before and saw some awesome progress in a short amount of time.


I wasn’t sure what else to include in this post, so I crowdsourced Instagram.  Below are some of the questions I got through the Questions feature on Instagram Stories.

What have you made with beets for race week? – Anna G.

A little background, I refer to race week as beets week. Beets are proven to ensure more blood flow to the muscle and adequate oxygen intake inside the muscle. I’ve loaded up on beets the weeks leading up to all of my important races this year and have seen awesome results. I’m a believer in the beets! To answer the actual question, I blend them up into a smoothie with almond milk, vanilla protein powder, and then whatever fruits I have on hand. Fruits I have used are frozen cherries, frozen mangoes, strawberries, and pineapple. Protip- Bananas help hide the beet taste.

What are your goals, not necessarily numbers, but how do you feel your training went? – Chelsey

For only having five weeks to focus on this, it went really well! It was better than I can say for even my early years of marathon training when triathlon wasn’t in the picture. I remembered those things I said I would do differently next time and did them. Most runs left me feeling very confident, some had me in the fetal position wondering who the heck am I to try? Overall, I’m extremely proud of this training block!

What is your key motivation that keeps you running and racing big race after big race? – Holly D.

Excuse me while I let my cliche’ flag fly, but it’s truly a lifestyle for me. It’s my hobby, it gives me purpose, it fills me with joy, and it has been a gateway to creating some of the best friendships. After each finish I always note room for improvement and want to accomplish more in the next one.


Which event causes you more pre-race crazy thoughts? – Tim F.

Without a doubt, 140.6 makes me a mad women. So much more of my heart and energy goes into it.

What flower are you wearing and why? – Fellow Flowers

I’ve been meaning to throw up a poll on my Instagram account because like so many other things, I will overthink this one! Right now, at this moment, 6:00pm on Wednesday before the race I feel the Rockstar flower. I trained far out of traditional methods and saw great improvement in just a few short weeks. Rule breaker and resilient spirit. I’m a marathon training rebel, I want to do a Beyonce dance across the finish line!


How do you push yourself to do pace work on days when you aren’t feeling it? – Kecia F.

I generally always feel like pushing myself, the quicker I get the run done the quicker I can have snacks! On those rare days when my mind is not feeling it I think about how it feels to not accomplish what I set out to do in previous races. If there is an off day it’s usually more that my legs aren’t cooperating and it begins to feel like a shit-show. I rally. When my legs don’t cooperate I shift focus on effort vs. the pace numbers.

What is the most bizarre thing you’ve ever seen or been a part of on the run? – Kecia F. 

The Underpants Run before Ironman 70.3 Ohio was the most bizarre, yet fun thing I’ve ever been a part of in a run. Everyone broke out into some sort of chant, and we all stood at an intersection taking selfies.


That was a fun way to lighten my pre-race anxiety! Thank you for the thoughtful questions. I’m always happy to share what’s working and what’s not working for me. I think by sharing experiences we can all learn from each other and get better in our individual athletic endeavors.


One comment

  1. Sending you all of the good race juju and all of my extra energy on Saturday! I thought you’d say, “buying a boat during a run” for the most bizzare thing you’ve ever seen or been a part of while running, so it was fun to get your perspective! ❤


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