Captain Couch’s Race Day Goals

“What kind of life is this?” – Me, on my third day of rest.

Monday I owned the couch. Captain Couch! Queen of the Couch! Couch Boss. I had so many VIP names for myself because it was day one of taper! Tuesday morning I woke early to do yoga, core work and light strength training instead of my regular open water swim. Then I traveled to Port Washington for a photo/video shoot for work. It ended up being basically a 12-hour work day involving me hauling my lighting equipment from one hotel room to another, and rearranging the lights to shoot the room from at least four different angles. There were moments of sheer hangry. It was surprisingly exhausting.

On Wednesday morning I trekked around downtown Port Washington and the harbor area capturing sunrise photos. It was very enjoyable, though my Ironman-brain started sending me taper-tantrum worry. omg this is my third day of rest. I’m so exhausted, I need to swim today though. I neeeeeed to. I’ll go swim after my nap. 

Upon my return to Madison I drove to the outdoor pool and they were closed, answering my “should I-shouldn’t I?” debate. The ironic part of all this, to me, is that if someone were to ask me if they should train while completely exhausted during taper I would very confidently tell them to rest. But myself? BUT, BUT, BUT…I MUST SWIM! I MUST BIKE! I MUST RUN!

To shush the taper-tantrums, here is an Ironman Wisconsin training highlight reel:

Riding a bike up Mt. Palomar in California. Over 4,000 feet in elevation gain in just 16 miles.

Half Marathon PR in April. 1:47:change, 8:15 pace.

A ton of trail running in May.

Midtown hill repeats with the Ironworx squad.

Second place in my age group at High Cliff Triathlon in June.

Run training and Door County Triathlon with a stroller for myTeam Triumph.

Undie Run at Ironman Ohio 70.3.
Plus, Ironman Ohio 70.3 – 5:42, 12 minute PR.

Weekly swims and a 2.4 mile swim with the Ironworx squad.

Challenging bike routes in the Verona area.

It was a great season of training testing my willpower and drive to do this. The biggest challenge was planning around my work commute, which can take anywhere from 40-60 minutes one way. Planning required packing enough food for me to leave my house at 7:00am and often not get home until 7:00pm. Along with food, I had to pack my gear and clothes. Most days it felt like I was living out of my car, living out of bags. It got to be very tiring, but I truly loved every minute of the training.

As for my race day goals I’m uncertain. Last year I boldly stated that my goal was to finish in daylight. Everything, including weather conditions would have to go absolutely perfect for me to accomplish that this year. We all know that nothing goes according to plan on race day. I could get a flat tire, there could be 20 mph wind, I could get diarrhea… anything is possible. (Sidenote, this morning I woke up to the panic thought, WHAT IF I DON’T FINISH?!!)

What I do know is that I’m eager to leave it all out there, knowing that I am 100% not going to sign up next year. I’ve raced Ironman Wisconsin in 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018 and this year. Next year I have different goals, but now is not the time to dive into that, let’s take a look at now:

Race day goals:

  • Leave it all out there
  • Stay mentally strong when adapting to things that don’t go as planned
  • Stay mentally strong when things are going right
  • Give as many high-fives as possible
  • Tell others “great job” as much as possible
  • Thank every volunteer- with eye contact, genuinely
  • Laugh, smile, enjoy the heck out of this!



One comment

  1. It has been SO MUCH FUN to follow your journey! You have gotten so much stronger, fitter, and faster! I know you are going to crush this race, and I can’t wait to cheer you on on race day! You have accomplished some AMAZING things this year, and should be incredibly proud and happy with your progress. Continue to choose you and be the best version of you that you can be! Virtual hugs for now, but real hugs in just over a week! ❤


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