Peak Training and the Madison Mini Marathon

I blinked and it’s already near taper time for Ironman Wisconsin. Here’s what went down in the last couple of weeks:

august training

In the last couple of weeks my legs have carried me through a lot of awesome miles. I’m still seeing faster paces than I thought possible two years ago. They are paces I wished I could do but didn’t put any action towards getting there. Hello, I am here!

Going into my ninth Madison Mini Marathon, I wanted to run strong. There was no specific time goal, but I wanted to throw it down and let the legs run wild. I remembered Gazelle Girl half marathon earlier this year in April and imagined I would run like that. Imagination is fun, but reality was all HAHA-no thank you.

I was looking for “easy” 8:30s, but my legs wouldn’t give that to me, on this day. The first few miles ranged from 8:40s to 8:50s and I remembered to give myself grace as this was not an A-race, I am in peak Ironman training, and my legs are really tired right now. Mile seven felt like seventeen. I also had a long bike ride in the afternoon weighing on my mental strength.

Having looked at the course map ahead of time I knew where the flat sections were where I could attempt to run faster. I did my best to kick it up a notch in the last half for a negative split, and also anticipated Observatory Drive after mile 12. My splits are below.


Finish time was 1:54:36, again, a time two years ago I wished was possible. Some first gut reaction thoughts to my finish time was how humbling it is to finish seven minutes slower than my PR in April.


Ironman training has definitely slowed me down, yet I am seeing awesome training progress at the same time. Going long makes me more gutsy in the short races, and the short races give me confidence to push a little harder when I go long. It’s an awesome cycle of confidence and “I have to work to do”.

The “I have work to do” mentality will need to go on a two week vacation very shortly, as Ironman Wisconsin is three weeks away! I have all the usual feels right now ranging from I’m tired to I NEED MORE MILES. Oh, and also I’m hungry a lot.

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  1. You crushed it on tired legs! So proud of you! I agree…going long gives you the confidence and guts to go hard + fast in the short races, which only further exacerbates the confidence for the longer stuff! I am SO excited for you and can’t wait to cheer you on and see you crush your wildest expectations in just a few short weeks! Congrats girl! Keep inspiring!


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