Transition Season

4:15am – wake up, wonder WTF, why?
4:16am – out of bed, I have dreams to chase!
4:20am – chop veggies, sauté kale, chop fruit, pack my lunch & snacks for the day, plus pre-prep two breakfasts
4:35am – pack all the things I need for the day (gear for afternoon workouts)
5:15am – meet with Ironworx Multisport
5:30am – open water swim
6:15am – drive home
6:30am – throw 3 eggs on a frying pan
6:32am – shower while the eggs are frying
6:35am – inhale eggs
6:39am – quick one-minute blow-dry my hair and add random product
6:45am – leave for my ridiculous commute
7:15/20am – arrive at work, inhale second breakfast

4:30pm – one-hour bike ride
5:30pm – 45 minute brick run on trails
6:15pm – commute back home
6:45/50pm – stand at the refrigerator and stare at all the food, wishing it would prepare itself, and settle on blended frozen fruit with protein powder because that’s easier.
7:00pm – realize that I need more food and have something more proper than just a protein shake.

Needless to say, transition season is here. I’m in a constant state of packing and prepping as I’m on the go from one thing to the next. My car is a transition center with an explosion of gear in the back seats and trunk.

Would I have it any other way? No (minus that awful commute, c’mon Madison, must every road be under construction on my path to Verona daily?) When people say you make time for what’s important, it’s true. I have anywhere from 1 hour to 1.5 hours sucked out of my day for my commute, and I’ve been able to tackle triple workout days, plus packing nutritious foods for the day, and hey, I even showered!

It’s not easy.

It’s worth it.

It’s important to me and I find a way to make it all work, which is possibly one of the most rewarding qualities that triathlon life has given me.

Just don’t ask me what my lawn looks like or what the status is on last week’s load of laundry.



  1. It does take planning, preparation and commitment and, at least for me, coffee! A 30 minute commute is a good one in this area. Mine usually takes 20-30, but that’s at 6:30 am/3:30 pm.

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    • if I don’t leave by 6:45am the commute can take up to almost an hour, same for my way home. Thankfully school is out for the season and that helps, a little!


  2. This sounds SO familiar (minus the commute time)!! SO. MUCH. PLANNING. AND. ORGANIZATION. SO. MANY. BAGS. SO. MUCH. FOOD. What time do you usually go to bed to get up at 4:15 am? Do you have your groceries delivered? We have that option here and I’ve seriously thought about it to save time, but I’m so picky with my fruits and vegetables that I haven’t jumped off that cliff yet. Thankfully we have taught Basil and Mya to do our laundry for us while we are gone. Haven’t you taught your dogs to do the same for you while you are at work?! LOL! 😉


    • ha! Ugh. That’s the hardest part about my chaotic schedule. I feel bad I don’t have more time to play with the dogs. Thankfully John takes good care of them! I go to bed 8/8:30pm depending on what I need to accomplish at night (PACKING BAGS, prepping any food I can ahead of time).. Haven’t done grocery delivery, yet.

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