Continued Progress, Tri Season Ahead!

It’s beginning to really feel like triathlon season! It also feels a lot like a recovery week is in order. Tuesday after a long weekend my body gave me the signs; tired, hungry, unmotivated, and I needed a nap.

Training last week:

Monday: Yoga, core, strength
Tuesday: 5 mile trail run
Wednesday: 17.2 miles on the bike with hill repeats
Thursday: 2,000 yard swim, & a 5 mile social group trail run
Friday: I rarely train on Fridays, ha
Saturday: 51 mile bike ride on the Ironman 70.3 Madison course, 4 mile brick run
Sunday: swim, bike, run as GoPro queen at Ironworx team triathlon


My long ride on Saturday was surprisingly awesome. I finished this ride in a higher mph than I’m used to seeing in a regular ride, it’s the fastest long training ride I’ve ever had too. The fact that I had this high mph on the Madison 70.3 course excites me. It’s going to be a really fun season.

I remember last year when I was still transforming in my weight loss journey and being amazed at my faster speeds then. After a strong last season I thought I might plateau on seeing these faster speeds, but I continue to pound them out.

Things that contributed to my increasing speed:

  • Doing hard Zwift workouts on my smart trainer through winter, including 4:00am workouts when necessary.
  • Ironworx indoor team rides through winter. I used to think hauling a trainer to another location was dumb. It’s not! It’s fun to be surrounded by great people who push me to my best.
  • Strength training. Every Monday I am dedicated to at least 20 minutes of yoga followed by an at-home strength session which includes wall-sits, squats, lunges, donkey kicks, and an intense core workout from a YouTuber.
  • Food prep. Eating well takes a lot of work and dedication. I’ve said this before and I’ll keep repeating it.
  • Riding in unfavorable conditions. Spring is windy in Wisconsin. I’ve gone out in so many f-bomb inducing rides in April. Those rides give me mental strength practice too.

You might have noticed my Sunday workout and wondered that in the world a GoPro Queen workout is. The GoPro Queen workout swims, bikes and runs around our team triathlon course capturing moments to put together this:



Happy training!

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