Marathon #21 on Deck!

What is it about the final long run of marathon training? It’s always an ordeal of some sort for me. I usually have zero desire to do it and when I finally get out there it doesn’t go well, and then my mind puts on a circus show of self doubt.

My training last week:

Monday & Tuesday: Rest – I felt drowsy sick, was on the edge of getting sick or resting it off.
Wednesday: 6.55 mile run. Intent was 2 miles at 9:00 minute miles, 4 at 8:50, but there was a lunging, barking dog and irresponsible owners and I got mad and ran a little faster.
Thursday: 4 miles at a new-to-me group run. Hung onto the faster pack, running a touch out of my comfort zone with one sub 8 split in there.
Friday: long run – 10 miles. No, 8 miles. Just kidding, 6. I ran 6.

Here was my train for thought for this long run:

On April 6 I ran a really hard, fast half marathon. The following weekend I did the same. The next weekend I completely bonked my 20 mile run. With that history fresh in my head and legs, and the fact that my 20 mile re-do was just last week, I couldn’t have another good long run this week and expect to have a good marathon next week. I’m not entirely sure that makes sense on blog, but in my head it was enough to make me cut my run short and slow way the eff down.

At least the scenery was nice while I was second guessing everything.


So now it’s race week. I’m having moments of “Just DO IT” and moments of “Slow your roll, adjust your goals, don’t be greedy”… you know, the usual! The biggest thing is I don’t feel like I truly got a run to identify what my paces are for easy, tempo, strong, conversation, uphill, hauling-ass, etc. It’s generally whatever the legs feel like doing on any given day that I roll with.

While hope is not a strategy, here’s to hoping my legs feel like breaking four hours on Saturday!


  1. I get the “I couldn’t have another good long run this week and expect to have a good marathon next week” thought. I have them often and more often than not end up surprising myself doing more than I truly though possible. You are going to have a great race and crush your 4 hour time goal. Pretend I’m running along side of you pacing you nice and steady until it is time to FSU!! Go get it gurl!! YOU ARE READY!! ❤


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