Peak Weak (Yep, I meant weak).

I’m supposed to be in my marathon tapering glory right now. Instead I have a 20-mile run do-over looming over me.

Days leading up to my long run I asked around for advice on how I should run my 20 miler. I tend to do better when there’s purpose within the miles. My former coach from last fall hooked me up with three options, and I picked the one that looked the most challenging. I was eager to be humbled!

Variables going into the long run:

  • 2 hour, hilly bike ride battling 20 mph wind on Friday afternoon
  • Saturday morning I captured video at a local 5K/10K and roamed the course from my 40 lb fat tire bike
  • This was the first hot 60+ degree day of the year with sun
  • Six days ago I ran a 1:49 half marathon plus 4 miles after
  • Two weeks ago I PR’ed my half marathon, 1:47:44

Those variables added up to some tired, give-no-fcks legs. Two miles into the long run I said to John that my legs weren’t into it so far. At mile four I began my faster, purposeful paces from my run plan. It was so hard to do. It felt like I was carrying rocks in my stomach. It was so hot out. I stopped to walk in the middle of the set.

I got through the first set and continued on, readjusting my intentions for the run. The day before a coach friend gave me advice for biking in the wind that I thought I could apply to this run, “Effort over pace”. My legs didn’t want to run the paces, but I could still put out the effort.

Or so I thought.


At mile nine I was just done. I was not even joking when I asked John if I should get an Uber home. He insisted that we keep run/walking because it was a nice day out. Thankfully his legs felt like garbage too!

We were motivated to keep run/walking towards a Wal-greens so we could get some ice water. Ice water turned into a package of Peeps, 2 Cadburry Eggs, and a bottle of Gatorade. We sat, giggling, enjoying our Easter snacks.

A mile later we stopped at a garage sale and bought a boat.

At mile 13 we stopped for ice cream.

We are so good at running.



Again, the variables. While I want to be frustrated, I know that I put my legs through a lot in the last couple of weeks. They need a break! Rest is as hard as speed work sometimes, especially when it’s technically peak week of marathon training! I’ll try this run again when my schedule permits.

I can’t even call this a bad run, I got a boat out of it.


  1. We learn the most from the workouts that do not go according to plan. It’s those “bad” or downright “horrible” workouts that I have learned to embrace…finding the good within each one. This was your body’s way of saying, “Sorry Steena, I’m saving myself for race day.” 😉

    Oh…and I absolutely LOVE that you bought a boat mid run! Not many people can say that! I can’t wait to see all of the pictures you take out on that boat. 🙂


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