Fill in the Blank with NOW.

I saw a social posting on a public forum that read:

Fill in the blank:
If I could lose _____ pounds, I could accomplish _____.

To which I responded with, SERIOUSLY?????????

The original poster blocked me. Okay, so I shouldn’t have responded with my gut reaction, but…. come on. Aren’t we past this dialect of holding ourselves back because of our weight and body image? I guess I’m naive.

I thought of all the things I have accomplished without letting my body shape, size and image of myself get in the way. I have had ups and downs with my weight, but have never told myself I needed to wait to do anything until I weighed XYZ.

If I waited to weigh XYZ I wouldn’t have finished my first Ironman,


My second Ironman,


My third Ironman that I shared with my spouse,


My fourth Ironman,


My Friends Over Finish Times finish with Mel,


This spur of the moment duathlon where I met some lifelong friends,


My 18th marathon,



My 20th marathon,


That time John and I ran 20 miles from Madison to Stoughton,


And the time I went to California for a Fellow Flowers retreat where we laughed, we cried, enjoyed the sunshine, and ran proudly in our sports bras.

Not everyone is open about body image and the mental challenges that come with it. I’m still finding my voice in this conversation. It’s a very big, complex conversation and having been in both places of weight loss and weight gain I am observing more everyday conversations that can be harmful.

Don’t wait. Get out of that conversation, whether it be with other women or yourself. You are worth those accomplishments now. Don’t wait until XYZ. Go for it now.


  1. This is SO true!! Why hold yourself back and wait until the time is “right” to do something. Will it ever truly be “right”?! The right time is NOW!


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