Treadmill Follow Through & Pace Talk

Last week I promised myself and this blog that I would get to the treadmill twice this week. I did! I said I would, I did it and I’m relieved to know that I can commit to things when I set my mind to it.

I did two challenging speed workout sessions, one that Kecia suggested and one I made up on the fly.

Kecia’s suggestion:

20 minutes easy. — I ended up only doing 10 minutes warm up
Then all @ fast sprint EFFORT (NOT PACE) – Each SET should get faster than the last working set. This should be TOUGH!
2 x 90secs with 90 secs rest recovery — I did four of these
feet off belt….
4 x 60secs with 60 secs rest recovery
feet off belt….
4 x 30secs with 30 secs rest recovery
feet off belt….
4 x 15secs with 15 secs rest recovery
5 minutes very easy

My random, on-the-fly workout:

WARM UP – half a mile (I’m impatient)
3 miles at 5K race effort – Did those 3 in 23:30!
1.5 miles steady/cool down

Though I rocked it on the treadmill workouts, I completely bombed a Zwift workout on Wednesday morning. My legs just weren’t having it and I had to switch from an interval workout to “just ride” mode. Win some, lose some!

I ended up sneaking in my long run again on Friday afternoon before the temperatures went below zero for the weekend. It’s nice to get it done early, but also challenging to plan my appetite and bathroom needs before I begin my run. I planned my route with those challenges in mind. My route passed my car twice where I had extra fuel and water, and passed an area business where I can use the restroom if needed.

My planned route was tough and full of hills. I was working! It would have been very easy to pull back on the pace, stop for walk breaks, walk up the next big hill, and go into a negative black hole. Instead the desire to see what happens if I don’t give up kept me cruising, finishing out 16 miles at my desired XYZ pace!

Sometimes I’ll get comments on social media that say things like “Wow! You’re fast! Speedy! Fast AF!” etc. When I read those, I take it as a compliment to the work I’m putting in. Running “fast” does not come easy or natural to me. There is a lot of discomfort in running faster.

On social media, It’s easy to make assumptions about the effort someone else is putting in. Not many people share how hard it is because we want to share the positive, fun stuff. The positive, fun stuff comes when the workout is done and I feel awesome for accomplishing it.


For example, the treadmill workouts I mentioned above I typed with enthusiasm and exclamation points about what I did, making it “look” easy. Nope! It was hard. I could have cheated myself, I could have done less intervals, dialed back on the pace, etc. But I want to push my pace beyond what I think I can run. And that’s just the running part! The extra commitment it takes to fuel appropriately, rest and cross train the way my body requires is hard work!

The other part about pace-complimenting is that I don’t want to identify as a pace. I am a runner. I run leisurely, I run tempo paces, I sprint, I run long, I run-walk, etc. I’m not a pace and neither are you. I’m a runner who trains at all paces for joy, for friendship, for PRs, for sanity, for ice-cream, and for strength in everything else.

Last week’s training:

Monday: yoga, core, light strength
Tuesday: AM treadmill speed work. PM core.
Wednesday: AM trainer ride. PM treadmill speed work.
Thursday: AM tri team swim.
Friday: Afternoon long run with lots of hills.
Saturday: Indoor tri team ride, 2 hours.
Sunday: AM swim with fast intervals, 2,300 yards.





  1. Your weekly recap shows how dedicated you are and how hard you are working. Thanks for the reminder that faster paces don’t come naturally for everyone — or anyone? Orange Theory has spoiled me for long treadmill workouts. I have to mix it up at least every 2 minutes.


  2. I’m so proud of you for working hard and always committing to give your best (whatever that may look like) on any given day! Speed work is never easy, but it reaps HUGE rewards come race day! Congratulations on an outstanding week!


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