You Cannot Get Fat from Eating too Many Apples


The last book I skimmed through was Physical Disobedience, an Unruly Guide to Health and Stamina by the Modern Feminist by Sarah Hays Coomer. The book was okay if you need that kind of positive body image messaging in your life, I’m guessing most females do, me included! Though I didn’t like the book, I have one favorite line from it that I wish to share here:

You cannot get fat from eating too many apples.

Read that again.

You cannot get fat from eating too many apples.

Stop with the fad diets that eliminate fruits.

Seriously, knock it off.

I’m not a health expert, but I do know that in the photos below one of them represents a me that eats a lot of apples, and one of them represents a me that dabbled in fad diets. I hope it’s obvious which one is which.


Popular fad diets can produce quick results, but it is rare those results last. Every time I witness a participant in a fad diet have “success”, it’s temporary because they resume their regular, real life. Tell me this, if you participate in the keto diet, are you going to never have a piece of birthday cake again? It’s not real life. Real life involves cake.

I lost 40 pounds through real-life nutrition and patience. It didn’t happen in 21 days, it didn’t happen overnight, and you bet three weeks into it I wanted to quit because I still didn’t see any progress. Persistence, honest calorie consumption and patience got me there. It took me two months to lose 10 pounds, and ultimately 10 months to lose 40 pounds. I began with monitoring calories, got a handle on portion sizes, and then transitioned to being intentional with the macros I consumed. Most importantly, I eliminated nothing.

Notice how I’m purposely avoiding using the word “counting calories” or “counting macros”. I did count them, but I think that scares people. It’s not scary. It’s a learning process. It’s something that is completely doable if you get out of your way and give it the patience and respect it requires.

Please, please, please stop declaring that you’re going to eliminate fruit from your diet. The carbohydrates in fruit do not have a big impact on blood sugar levels. Fruits have fiber in them, which helps keep you satiated. While fruit is high in simple sugar fructose, it’s not the most common source of fructose in the average American diet. Which do you think is better for you, Oreos or a banana? Eat the banana.

Again, I’m not an expert. I decided to “cut the shit” out of my diet, meaning I stopped eating prepackaged foods and welcomed whole, real vegetables and fruit into my world.

Tips to get more veggies:

  • Substitute chopped kale, spinach and/or cauliflower rice for rice.
  • Add shredded carrots to your meals.
  • Cook ahead! Prepare asparagus, brussels sprouts, broccoli and add to your meals throughout the week.
  • Mushrooms go well with morning eggs.
  • Chop kale and/or spinach and use as base of salads.
  • Fill your salad with your precooked veggies.
  • Cram your blender full of spinach when preparing a smoothie.
  • Find a real-food blogger or Instagrammer to follow and get daily inspiration from- my favorite is @runningonrealfood on Instagram.

Tips on fruit consumption

  • If you pack a lunch for work, pack two apples. When you need a midmorning or afternoon snack grab the apple.
  • Grapes! They’re full of water and antioxidants. Eat them. They will fill you. I’ve heard of some nutrition gurus who freeze them and eat as a dessert.
  • Cut your banana in half, freeze the half you’re not eating immediately. Frozen bananas make a great dessert substitution or addition in a smoothie.
  • Buy the biggest container of blueberries you can find. Eat them. Enjoy the health benefits of antioxidants.
  • Buy the biggest container of strawberries you can find. Eat them. Enjoy the health benefits antioxidants.
  • The smaller berries tend to be more fibrous: blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, plums, kiwis, peaches.
  • Add fruit to your yogurt or chia seed pudding.
  • Add fruit to your oatmeal.
  • When you slice a mango save and freeze some slices for later, they work great as a sweet snack or dessert.

I hope that by the end of this post you have welcome apples back into your life.

Do you have any additional tips to add to the fruit and veggie consumption?


  1. Well said. Nobody is ever going to convince me that bacon is better for you than an orange. That’s ridiculous.
    Great blog and great job on sharing your road to success!

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  2. I used to eat an apple a day but it’s hard to find apples at my grocery store that don’t look sad (bruised, partially shriveled …) I do eat an orange everyday with my lunch, but that’s the only serving of fruit I’m sure to have every day. Guess I should work on that!

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  3. yes! Yes!! YES!!! I don’t understand people who “cut” fruits from their diet because they are “too high in carbohydrates and have too much sugar.” WHAT?!?!?! What planet are they on?!?! My only additional veggie “hack” is to keep snap peas, fresh bell peppers, or whatever raw veggie you like ALWAYS ready to eat so they are at the ready and you can snack on them before you get hangry. I also dump cooked sweet potato pieces in my smoothies in the morning for extra fiber, vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin A, manganese, and potassium. I typically bake them and pull the skins off before sticking it in my smoothie with LOADS of spinach or kale and fruit!!

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