Real, Wisconsin Winter & Training

Real, Wisconsin winter has finally arrived! Some say winter is magical, but this one in particular is kind of an asshole. We finally have snow to play in, I should be outside celebrating, making snow angels, right? Somewhere Mother Nature is pointing and laughing at me, “hahahaha, fooled you, sucker!” as the feels-like temperature was -10. It’s hurt-your-face cold out there.

After another great week of consistent, structured training I had a choice to make on Sunday morning about my long run.

Choice 1:  Complain about the weather while keeping the sofa warm.

Choice 2:  Run in the snowy, hurt-your-face weather conditions.

Choice 3:  Get out of my own way, do the work I need to do to accomplish my goals from the treadmill.

It hurt my toughness pride to take it to the treadmill. I wanted to tough it out, earn the frosty eyelashes and scoff, “It’s only cold if you’re standing still”. But my spring marathon goals require me to be running specific paces that I wouldn’t be able to do on snowy, icy roads. I sucked it up and went to the gym.

It wasn’t even that bad. I didn’t get mad. I didn’t question why I was even doing it. Instead I ran on determination and the entire 10.10 miles felt awesome. I nailed my pace too!


My training last week looked like….

Monday:  Yoga, core, foam-rolling
Tuesday:  Morning swim and an evening hour on the trainer at recovery effort
Wednesday:  Recovery effort run and strength training
Thursday:  Morning swim and evening hill repeats in some snow!
Friday:  Nada
Saturday:  1.5 hour Indoor team trainer ride and HIIT workout, plus flossing
Sunday:  10.10 treadmill miles

Swim:  3950 yards
Bike:  40 miles
Run:  18.85 miles


It was a good recovery week! The biggest takeaway from this week is to keep challenging myself to do what will progress me towards my goals. While I wanted to proudly tough out the -10 degree weather, it wouldn’t have been productive for my spring marathon goals.

This week I’ll be doing doing some harder trainer rides on Zwift, run half mile repeats and hill repeats, plus a 4 mile race on Saturday. I might run to the race, do the race, then run home as my long run. It’ll be a day-of decision. Plus, I’ll be looking forward to more negative degree weather!

How has winter made you adjust your training lately?


  1. You flossed your teeth? Your eyebrows? I think getting over the mental hurdles and doing 10 miles on the TM is huge. Also, your gum is huge! I wouldn’t even walk Scooby today, but I did drive to Orange Theory.

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