2018 Swim, Bike, Run Numbers!

Numbers! They motivate us, excite us, scare us, cause anxiety, make us mad, make us feel pride, and every feeling possible. It’s how we measure so many things. When numbers make us feel bad, we brush it off with “It’s just a number”. When we have pride from a shiny new PR we scream how much that number matters from the rooftop. Whatever you do with the numbers, all that matters is that it keeps you moving forward in the path that you desire.


I finished my final workouts of 2018 this morning and tallied my numbers. My numbers give me a wide range of feelings. I’m slightly disappointed in how close I missed running 1,000 miles for the year, considering I had two months with only 50 miles logged. One of those months was June when my previous job required 24/7 attention. Would I go back in time and change anything? Heck no! In that former role I got to coordinate this incredible group of women for a #sportsbrasquad photo!


A number that surprised me was 122, the most miles ran in the month of October. I’m fairly certain that’s the highest mileage I’ve ever had in one month!

When I think back to all of these miles and yards I kind of wish there was a way to measure and log how much fun they were! I got to spend most of these miles and yards with triathlon teammates, social group running buddies, new friends, old friends and incredible people I met on various race courses.

I’m so grateful for everyone who has trained with me and supported me through an amazing year. I hope 2019 brings at least as much fun and accomplishments!

Happy New Year 2019!

Some of my favorite photos from the year:












(I’m sure I’ve left out a dozen more awesome, joyful photos, but these were the first grabbed from my stock!)


  1. You are so right about numbers. It’s amazing the power they can have. I never look at my miles until late December and I often have “what if” thoughts. This year I just couldn’t stop at 666 miles. 😉


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