Top Nine

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! It’s Top Nine season! I love the end of the year when everyone shares their best moments! It’s so fun to see all the amazing moments from friends near and far. When I put my handle into the Top Nine app to see which moments stood out in mine, I was not surprised. I looked at mine and exhaled “Yep! Wow!”

In 2018 I….

PR’ed my half marathon! In May I did onsite registration at a small half marathon in Lodi, WI on a whim. I knew nothing about the course other than “It’s hilly” which everyone says about every course. Before the start my friend told me I could probably place in my age group because the field was so small. That lit a fire under my ass and I ran hard, placing second in my age group and shaving one minute off of my half marathon PR from 2013. Full recap here.

PR’ed my 70.3! In June I began to see more speed in my legs in both the bike and run during training. I put hashtag #sub6orbust out into the world to keep me accountable and somehow I did it! To this day I still don’t fully own the accomplishment of breaking six hours at Door County 70.3 because I gave up in the middle of the run, but then found the will to move my ass in the last six miles. I finished in 5:55, a 15 minute PR from Redman Tri in 2015. Full recap here.

I broke six again two weeks later! When I arrived in Ohio two weeks later I got sick with a sore throat, drowsiness and probably shouldn’t have started the race. But I came this far! I started conservatively, and miraculously exited T2 with my amazing friend Kecia. I planned to hang onto her for as long as possible knowing she’d keep me moving more than I would if I was in my own head. We had an incredible, gritty, strong, consistent, determined 13.1 miles and finished together! Full recap here.

I PR’ed Ironman Wisconsin! I knew I had this in me all through training, it was just a matter of letting the day unfold and rolling with whatever Ironman conditions were given. Conditions were great, though my recap will have whiny bits about some wind. This day was everything I worked so hard for in the last year. I PR’ed by nearly an hour, PR’ed every leg of the triathlon, and broke 14 hours. I amazed myself. Full recap here.

I PR’ed my marathon! Since 2010 I’ve had a silly goal of shaving an hour off of my first marathon time, 5:17 at Chicago Marathon on 10/10/10. It took me twenty tries! I became content with being world’s okayest marathoner until this year. After Ironman I got a coach who really put the tiger in the cat for my training. I saw such awesome progress I got greedy on race day and took off entirely too fast. It all worked out, and I finished in 4:15, PR’ing by 12 minutes. Full recap here.

Aside from my race accomplishments, the big one was the forty-pound weight loss. It took dedication, EFFORT, patience, and being honest with myself. There was no magic trick, please stop messaging me asking for one! Just kidding, message me, I’m happy to help if you are willing to put in the effort and be honest about it. Read 40#loser posts here.

This year was incredible. I amazed myself! I literally lived my best life, and plan to continue to do that in 2019. There will be no new year, new me on my agenda. It’ll be a new year with big goals, big dreams, and my heart fully invested in all that comes with it.


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  1. You have had an AMAZING year!! It has been fun to not only follow your journey, but be a part of it from time to time!! I can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store for you and am hopeful for many more fun times together!! ❤


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