Snowless & Grateful

Instead of being mad about the lack of snow, I’m going to take this post to highlight the things I am grateful for lately.

Rest / Off season / Recovery

Off season allows for the time to organize and attend more social group runs! I was blown away at the turnout of the Bright Lights, Big Goals holiday lights run that a friend and I put together. We put this idea out into the world, and they showed up. It filled my heart to see so many women come together and run for the joy of it.



He’s so cool. I’m still swooning over the fact that he finished the last eleven miles of my 40K run with me on Black Friday. He’s smart, wise, adventurous, and the best human to spend life with.


I’m so, so, SO lucky and grateful for the friendships I’ve made in the last year. I’ve got my “badass lady gang” of friends who show up, support and listen to all of the chaos I find myself in. After the Bright Lights, Big Goals run I got to enjoy breakfast with some of them, plus plan for a spring marathon adventures!


Fellow Flowers Holiday Challenge

It’s a social media group challenge where we share our stories through 30 minutes of intentional movement every day from Thanksgiving to New Years Day. This is my third year in the challenge, and it’s still fun and exciting. Last year the challenge unexpectedly kick started my 40-pound weight loss. On day two this year I almost turned it into a fix-a-flat challenge for myself, but that would have removed the joy from it, heh. I do plan to incorporate practicing fixing a flat into the challenge after I stop making excuses. Maybe tomorrow. Hey, it’s offseason, gimme a break.


This is a topic I’m fearful of saying out loud how much I like it. In August I started a position as a marketing manager in a much better-for-me work environment than I’ve been exposed to in the last few years. Everything that was wrong with my old positions is right at this one. I’m in an awesome environment, with great people, I get to create and collaborate, and even visit fun places from time to time!


It’s hard not to think ahead to next year and what goals I want to accomplish. One of them is a daylight finish at Ironman Wisconsin. I don’t have a clear plan yet,.. coach? Training plan? How will I do this? When do I start? But that’s the beauty of the dreaming stage. The world is at my fingertips, I just need to make a decision and put my heart into it.



  1. I LOVE the bright lights run that you did!! So much fun and a great way to experience holiday lights!!

    Through your inspiration and the #FFHolidayChallenge, I am tracking my calories and setting myself out on a weight loss journey to be more efficient this year.

    You are so blessed and lucky to have an amazing gurl gang and John in your corner!! ❤

    I love your dream!! You are TOTALLY capable of it!! As you said, put your heart into it and go for it!! #trainthebrain along the way too 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I know you already know, but if you need any help with the tracking reach out! Even if it’s just to vent or be mad at calories/macros I’m here for you. I had a few go-to people last year in my journey, and it helped to have someone who has gone through it reassure me that it’s all going to be fine.


  3. No snow here either! I’m so happy you are in a better job environment. I think John is awesome too, and I only know him from your posts. 😉 I love how he’s been so supportive and involved in your shenanigans. ❤


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