“How I did it” – Post #2

Every time I share a transformation type post I get private messages asking, “How did you do it?” These conversations blow my mind still. I’m not an expert, I didn’t have it all figured out when I started, I just committed to me and paved the way through trial and error. It’s really cool to see my experience moving others, and I’m happy to help in any way I can!

I’m going to do a few blog posts this week with various topics related to “How did you do it?” This post is two workout app recommendations that I frequently use.

This post is my advice, based on my experience on how to use the app. I’m not a medical professional or an expert. I’m a regular, everyday person who had no idea what I was doing but was stubborn enough to figure out what works for me. Try my advice, if it doesn’t work, find another way–but for the love of gawd stop trying to make keto a thing.

Downward Dog

This app is ommmmm-mazing. Yoga, anywhere, anytime, for free. You can set it to just 10 minutes or up to 90 minutes. You set it for what type of yoga:  restorative, full practice, quick flow. You also set it for what skill level you’re at:  intro, beginner 1, beginner 2, intermediate 1, intermediate 2 or advanced. The best part is it’s always a new session.

I’ve used this app on those random days when I wake up an hour before my alarm. I’m up, I’ll do some yoga! I’ve used this app on a Friday night when it’s tempting to lounge on the couch, Netflixing and snacking. I religiously use it every Monday for at least 20 minutes after a weekend of long endurance training.


The best thing about this app is that it’s gotten me to get better at poses that were very tough for me when I started. Chaturanga, side crow, standing splits, even corkscrew twist. Instead of telling myself those poses are too hard I kept going through the motions and got better at them. Am I perfect? Absolutely not. But yogi confidence was gained!

SWORK-IT — 1/22-19 EDIT– The app has since updated and now has a yearly cost. I have stopped using this app. It’s a great app though!

This app is also amazing and convenient. You can set it for 5 minutes to 60 minutes. It has strength, cardio, yoga and stretching workouts. I just use it for the strength and always do the core workout. It’s bootcamp style where it instructs you to do some exercise for one minute followed by 5 seconds rest. After a few rounds it gives you one minute to recover and resumes the workout. The first time I tried the core workout I didn’t even make it through 5 minutes. It was so hard! Now I honestly only use it for 10-15 minutes.


There’s no app for this:  At-home equipment

  • yoga mat
  • variety of hand weights (5 lb, 10 lb, 12 lb, 15 lb)
  • resistance bands
  • jump rope
  • medicine ball
  • bosu ball

The at-home equipment is basic stuff I have in my workout room and use as needed. You don’t need a workout room! If it helps, keep this stuff in your living room so you see it. Keep it somewhere you’ll see it, and actually use it.  It’s nice to have this stuff around, even though I have a gym membership. I’m not going to drive to the gym to lift hand weights for a few minutes. That’s the thing, it doesn’t have to be a full hour session. If you have ten extra minutes in the morning use it to do a few planks and do a couple hand weight reps.

Besides apps to supplement my triathlon training, I generally enjoy being physically active. I don’t think of it as a punishment or something I have to do. I genuinely want to do it. That’s something you need to decide for yourself. Do you want to, can you find fulfillment out of it? Maybe running isn’t your thing, but you might find love for cycling. Don’t try one exercise and proclaim you hate working out. You might not. Be patient with yourself and don’t force it.


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