Journey to Marathon #20

Yesterday morning during my long run there were moments I wanted to just slow down and not care about the XYZ pace my coach put on the plan. It would be easier to simply log the miles and call it “coins in the bank!” But I’ve cashed those coins before, over and over again. Those coins produce the same result year after year. I have realized the insanity it is to be stuck in the do-what-I-want ways.

I used to tell myself a lot of things…

Coaching isn’t for me.

My long run should be 10 minute miles, not faster or slower.

I’m too hungry to eat better foods. I need more than chicken and vegetables.

I like to be social, I need to drink. 

Those self-induced beliefs limited me. I was stuck in my ways, yet wanting to perform better as an athlete. By re-writing the story on just two of the above limits I have gained so much this year! Personal bests that I have been “chasing” for years. I use the word “chasing” loosely since I repeated the same process for far too long to accomplish those personal bests!


Acknowledging this during my eighteen mile long run was motivation to keep running that XYZ pace. And that XYZ pace isn’t even omg-fast. It’s just faster than I would normally set out to run. It’s a pace given to me by a coach who I am trusting with my limbs. I’ve always been afraid to trust a coach with the health of my legs. What if she pushes me too hard and I get injured? More limits. I’m re-writing this story and getting out of my own way.

At the end of my run, I was delighted to see that I averaged a few seconds below the pace that this coach has given me belief in. Turns out, coaching can be for me! This re-write is going to make for a marathon race day that I would never believe on my own.



  1. I am SO incredibly inspired by you!! Your determination, hard work, willingness to step (WAY) out of your comfort zone, grit, resilience, perseverance, strength, and positive attitude through it all are just a few of the qualities I admire most about you!! Thank you for pushing me to always be a better athlete and person!! I can’t wait to watch the fruits of your labor reap some AMAZING results!! ❤


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