The bandana, numbers and a box.

The bandana!

Last week I quietly dropped some hints on Instagram about my decision for Ironman Wisconsin 2019.


“The bandana stays on!”

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this one out! I’m still feeling a touch uncertain, what did I do? Did I really want to do that? I’m pretty sure I wanted to do that. I can defer. But why stop? I’m dreaming big!

When I finished this year I was so content with it all. Even though I am vague about goals with Ironman (because anything can happen, there are too many variables, maybe I’m a chicken-shit?) I felt like I accomplished everything I set out to do on that day. And that’s the funny thing about achieving, it only makes me want to keep pursuing those so-called limits.

The feelings of holy-cow-joy I had during miles 18 through 24 of the marathon gave me a sneak peek of what it could feel like to finish in daylight. It gave me confidence in setting that goal for 2019. Did I just type that out loud?



I got all nerdy and put my previous Ironman Wisconsin times in an excel sheet. I was so good at consistently half-assing it in previous years!

These numbers are proof that a dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work!

I stood on a box!

On Saturday morning John and I drove to Dousman, WI for a small duathlon, a 2-mile run, 20-mile bike ride, and a 2-mile run. Sidenote, this happened last year too, but the bike distance was actually 20.7, which matters when you’re excited about mph paces!

I pulled off some numbers I’m not used to seeing on my Garmin:

Run 1 – 2 miles, 15:00, 7:30 minute miles
Bike – 20.7 miles, 1:04:28, 19.3mph
Run 2 – 2 miles, 15:53, 7:56 minute miles

In the first run when my Garmin read 7:27 at the first mile split I thought, “Ohhhh that’s why this feels hard!” and held on. My fingers were a bit numb in T1, maybe they were cold, maybe I was dazed from that pace!

The bike was fun, and a new territory for me. I was riding with all dudes. I knew I had a chance for a podium spot as I wasn’t passed by a female until the last few miles, and she appeared to be in another age group. The second run was tough, but not seeing any females ahead or behind I just held on steady and strong.

Standing on a podium box has been a silly goal of mine for a few years. I was so excited I finally got to do it in an official awards ceremony! This is one of those accomplishments that in previous years I wished I could do but never put any action behind it. It took three steps with a lot of patience and persistence; want it, work for it, and do it.



 John stood on a box too!


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