A perfect Madison day ending in a big question

On Saturday I had a perfect Madison day, all by myself and I soaked up all the introvert goodness.

It was a glorious, hot sunny September day. I love these! First, I rode my trusty old Miyata pink commuter bike to the downtown farmer’s market. I picked up some local, fresh kale, apples, broccoli, potatoes and a cucumber. I sat on a bench, enjoyed hearing the UW Marching band entertaining from a nearby sidewalk and gobbled up one of my sweet apples.

From there, I rode home content with the start of my day and I started thinking those post-Ironman thoughts. What next? This is a nice day, but…This is a once in a while treat. It doesn’t fulfill me like training does. I kind of want to be on my Quintana Roo right now! 

I shut my brain off, and then treated myself to an afternoon on my standup paddleboard. All alone, in the middle of the lake. Just me, sunshine and the beautiful Madison skyline. I am so lucky to live here!


After that, I went home for a good, deep-sleep nap. Refreshed from my nap I took my dogs to the park. I did a good job of occupying myself with non-Ironman things and I enjoyed my favorite things in Madison. It was nice, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss training already!


In the midst of my leisurely day, Ironman taunted me with the “priority registration” e-mail. I filled out the 2019 registration form but clicked out when I got to the payment screen. After admitting that out loud to my social networks I found out that registration opens to the public on Monday, meaning tier 1 is likely to sell out within a week.

Do I shit or get off the pot?

I looked for alternatives to Ironman Wisconsin, and none of the other locations make any logical sense to me. Wisconsin is perfectly placed within our changing seasons and daylight. Speaking of daylight…Seeing how close I was to a daylight finish has me lusting after that as a goal for 2019. It’s possible. I could do that.

When I think “enjoy Madison” it comes with Ironman training. I am so lucky to live here and train on the course in my backyard. Training did not feel like a chore this year. It was something that kept me grounded while I was in the process of my nearly 40 lb. loss transformation. It was exciting to see some amazing progress and improvements to my endurance in 2018. I wonder if this is only the beginning. I want to continue to amaze myself!

So, seriously, do I shit or get off the pot for Ironman WI 2019?

Give me good reasons why or why I shouldn’t do it!

One comment

  1. Do it!! The training is so fulfilling and race day is so rewarding!! Last year after IMMT I decided I was going to take this year off from IM. The first few months were nice, but I REALLY missed the training. The training fills me up. It makes me happy. I made it to January 20 before I signed up for IMLou (and I did pay extra for it thanks to the tier pricing). If it makes your heart happy, why neglect your heart of that joy?!?!

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