The Taper low-light reel

Two weeks ago the west side of Madison, Middleton, Mazomanie, Cross Plains and several other areas got flash flood rainfall. It wreaked havoc on basically everything around here. Local businesses, major roadways, parks, pedestrian paths, the Pheasant Branch Conservancy, trail systems, and our lakes have been impacted by this.

Here’s what I’ve learned about flood damage; it’s not a one-day ordeal. Damages and the potential for more damage keep coming.

Needless to say, this has been a mentally exhausting Ironman taper.

First, I want to clarify that I realize Ironman is the least of worries when it comes to flood emergencies. I am saddened by all the devastation I have seen with my own eyes. I went to Mazomanie to help a family clean their flooded basement. Just walking around that township was heartbreaking, seeing the insides of people’s homes sitting on a curb.

Saddened, yet manic, I continued on with my taper reading and believing everything I read on the internet that related to how the area lakes have been affected by the floods. The main concern is potential bacteria in the water. Some articles read that it will take weeks to clear up, one that I read this morning says “swim at your own risk”. There are a lot of opinions out there.


Here are my feels:

  • I’m frustrated.
  • I know I’m not supposed to stress over the things I can’t control.
  • I’ve never felt SO READY for Ironman before.
  • I am mentally prepared for the possibility of our swim to be canceled.
  • I am worried it might rain on Sunday. Worried because I’m a wimp on the bike in rain.
  • I’m fortunate this is my fifth Ironman.
  • I have a plan B idea, but money.
  • Speaking of money, I started a new job in the middle of this taper.

The most important thing, to me, is that when I reflect back on all of the training I have done for this one day, I am so darn proud of myself. I made tiny changes, big changes, hard changes and it has resulted in a stronger, more resilient me.

And here is the thing. Upon sharing my what-ifs with a few friends recently, they responded with “But you’ve been working so hard!

Yep, I have. I worked my butt off for so many positive changes in 2018. At the start of my “transformation” back in November, I wasn’t thinking about Ironman as an end result. I was just thinking I needed to get my shit together.

I stopped binge drinking.

I made eating real, whole foods a priority.

I have lost nearly 40 pounds.

I have seen exciting gains in my biking and running paces.

Do you think for one second that if I knew last year that the Ironman swim could be canceled I wouldn’t have worked so hard?



I wouldn’t change a single thing about the last ten months…well, except for the floods!

When John first started swimming with me in 2015 he was slow and I always had to stop and wait for him to catch up. Now? It’s work to stay in his draft! This speedy guy is READY for race day!


One comment

  1. You have made epic changes + gains this year and are SO ready for race day!! I’m so inspired by you!! I love your work ethic, your attitude, your determination, your resilience, your grit, YOU!! I am holding out hope that Sunday is going to be a perfect day with all of the pieces falling together for you!! I can’t wait to wrap you up in a hug this weekend!! xoxo


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