2018 Door County 70.3

Tweet length version:

I FINALLY hit my goal of sub six in a half iron distance triathlon. The end.

Follow-up tweet:

So…I can retire from triathlon now, right? Ha. Just kidding. Sort of. No, but really.

Clarification tweet:

I love triathlon, I can’t wait to recover and get back to training for my next goal!

Whimsical blog version:

Not knowing where to start with this recap, I read my pre-race post to see where my head was at going into the race. This sentence stands out to me:

“I want to improve and see all my hard work shine on the clock, but want to race happy too”

Excuse me for a moment while I take down the highlight reel….the honest truth about this entire weekend in Door County was that it wasn’t happy. I was so full of anxiety, stress, and self-induced pressure it wasn’t enjoyable. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m not good at traveling for races, which induced more anxiety knowing that I’m traveling to Chicago this coming weekend for a half marathon, and then Ohio the following weekend for another 70.3. Ooof, what have I gotten myself into?

Door County is where tourists migrate. Restaurants are impossible to get into. I stayed at an Air bnb/Bed in Breakfast and we didn’t have kitchen access to make our own meals. Finding good, nutritious, regular-to-me food was stressful and challenging. FREE IDEA–someone open a Whole Foods in the area! Please!

Putting the happy-reel back on, if I were to do this again next year I would go up on Saturday instead of Friday to have one less day of nutrition hunting.

Pre-race truth-bomb aside, here’s how my race went:

Swim:  37:28,  1:47/100
Best water conditions I imagine this race will ever have. Flat, calm, not too cold, not too warm, just perfect! I seeded myself perfectly and had plenty of space around me. No bumping into others, no punches in the head, no grabs onto my ankles…It was a PR in swim joy.
Gear:  Longsleeve wetsuit, Roka R1 goggles
Fuel:  Granola & almond milk 2 hours before my wave start, Bai coconut water

T1:  1:39

Bike:  3:00:39, 18.7mph
Eighty degrees, sunny skies, light headwind heading into Sturgeon Bay…ideal! I started strong, faded a little, then got more excited when I got into out and back, lollipop portions of the course. In the last few miles I thought I might be able to squeak in under three hours but missed it by 39 seconds. My sub-six goal for the ride was 3:10!
Fuel:  Welches fruit snacks, Base salt, Tailwind, Nutroll candy bar


T2:  1:21

Run:  2:14:39, 10:17 minute mile
Notice the quick T2 time? That’s because I forgot to grab my Base salt and Gu for the run. That was my first mistake. My second mistake? I’m not sure. I ran two strong miles and then blew up, full on walk oh-shit-I-am-done mode. It was hot, which I generally don’t mind. I’ve run stronger in worse humidity in training. All I could do was run/walk, not even thinking about my sub-six goal. Around mile five I walked a few minutes with a teammate who graciously gave me two of his enduralyte pills.

At mile seven I looked at the total time on my Garmin which read 4:56. Delirious I thought, “I can’t run seven miles in an hour and four minutes!” and gave up. For the next few minutes I was chugging along, doing poor triathlon math and then realized OH I CAN RUN SIX MILES IN AN HOUR AND FOUR MINUTES, GO!!

I took off. Fast. Purposeful. Nine-minute miles. Where were those splits in the first half of the run? It didn’t matter. I followed a girl in a black and blue tri kit. She slowed to a walk and complimented my pace. I told her I was following her and she should start running again. She did.

I ran as fast and purposeful as I could until the very steep bluff at mile 9. My heart rate skyrocketed just walking it. I didn’t look at my watch until mile 10. It read 5:25.





Maybe I respond better to negative reinforcement?

I continued to follow the girl in the black and blue tri kit. It was so hot and awful on top of the bluff. The false flats felt like mountains. I had to stop to walk a couple of times. The entire last three miles were a nail-biter. Coming down the bluff back to the finish the last number I saw on my Garmin was 5:54. I didn’t trust it. Surely I had hit start at the wrong time? Something got miscalculated. Nail. Biter.


After crossing the finish my Garmin read 5:55. I still didn’t believe it. I had to go to the results tent to get my ticket printed to make sure. It read 5:55:44!!

This has been a goal of mine since January 2016. Two years of stumbling, coming close, coming not-so-close, and then finally getting my shit together with better choices and habits. Nothing about it was easy. I’ll proudly call my journey to achieving this goal a total shit-show. That shit-show paved the way to today!

Grateful for the support of Coeur Sports who makes me feel like the best version of myself in the most beautiful, comfortable triathlon clothing out there!



“Know what you want to do, hold the thought firmly, & do every day what should be done, & every sunset will see you that much nearer your goal.” -Elbert Hubbard



  1. Congrats on hitting that sub-6:00 goal! I feel that it took me a very long time to get there too, which is okay, so I understand the “YAY me!” pats on the back that you deserve. Sounds like a solid race, and that you learned about what works best for you for races too. Enjoy some post-race recovery before you look to the next milestone!


  2. I just got all tingly reading this. LOL on the shit-show leading up to it. I’ve always loved your honesty. And your grit. And that Couer kit is undeniably awesome.


  3. yes!! Yes!! YES!! I’m so proud of you, inspired by you, and can’t wait to see you in a little over a week!! I know you don’t like to travel to races, but I’m glad you’re traveling to Ohio. I’m surprised you didn’t have access to the kitchen at your Air bnb/Bed in breakfast. Sad they didn’t accommodate you better. Where are you staying in Ohio?! We have an air bnb. When are you arriving to Ohio?! I need to schedule a meet up to get everyone their shirts!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Our Air bnb was actually REALLY really nice.. it was a bed & breakfast and he gave us a complimentary upgrade to the third-floor suite. I guess I didn’t ask about kitchen use, but it wasn’t implied and I try to be self-sufficient. I don’t like depending on others.
      I’m picking up a friend in IL on my way to Ohio and staying with her at the Air bnb she reserved. Ha! I think I’ll be more manageable for Ohio since I won’t have a huge 2.5 year long goal hanging on my shoulders there.
      Can’t wait to come play tri!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. […] PR’ed my 70.3! In June I began to see more speed in my legs in both the bike and run during training. I put hashtag #sub6orbust out into the world to keep me accountable and somehow I did it! To this day I still don’t fully own the accomplishment of breaking six hours at Door County 70.3 because I gave up in the middle of the run, but then found the will to move my ass in the last six miles. I finished in 5:55, a 15 minute PR from Redman Tri in 2015. Full recap here. […]


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