I want my June back!

What a month. What a crazy first six months of the year really. Rewind to November 2017 when I began a job hunt, had several really great interviews, but all rejections. By the time April came, I had to put my job hunt on hold so that I could be all-in and present for the event company that I work for. We put on a triathlon in May and an all women’s half marathon & 5K in June. Like Rome, it’s not built in a day.

I’m the kind of person that is all-in when it comes to things I’m passionate about. I love triathlon, I love the running community we have in Madison. I get to create, encourage, build, welcome, and be the women behind the curtains. It’s really cool. It’s really hard. It’s where I needed to be for the first half of the year. I don’t know what tomorrow brings, and I am at peace with that. (Just give it a few days before I lose my mind though?)

With all of that being said, I had a very busy May and June. Even though I mapped out a training plan for myself, I wasn’t able to fully follow it. Recovering from a three-day women’s weekend event is the equivalent of recovering from doing three Ironmans in a row, I’m pretty sure. I don’t have science to prove it, but I have done Ironman events before and this was much harder to recover from. There were physical and emotional demands 24/7 for the full week leading up to it. I even jolted out of bed a few nights following the event panicked that I had forgotten something and needed to resolve it.


A couple of weeks ago I said my goal of #sub6orbust out loud. It seemed attainable, maybe it still is. I had just PR’ed the Ironman WI bike course on a training day! I PR’ed my half marathon! I got lighter, faster, stronger! Now I’m eating my words and doubting myself. Whoops!

• My last two long rides have been 16 mph average
• My long run averages have been 9:35 minute miles
• I only ran 50 miles in June!!
• I haven’t done enough bricks, speed work, strength training, yoga, etc
• Remember how this is triathlon and so many things can go wrong?

Giving myself some damn credit:
• 16 mph is faster than what I could do in years prior
• 9:35 minute miles are faster than what I could do in years prior
• I got all my long runs done in June!
• I did a transition run after every long ride
• It was literally 100 degrees on Saturday during our long ride
• Ever hear of TAPER? Rested legs will do awesome things.

Times I am capable of and need to break six:
Swim:  40 minutes
T1: 4 minutes
Bike:  3 hours, 10 minutes
T2:  4  minutes
Run:  2 hours  (just typing and looking at this, LOLOLOL)
Total: 5:58

I have two weeks to Door County 70.3 and four to Ohio 70.3. One more week of intentional work and then I’ll put my training to the test at Door County!


  1. You have had a VERY busy May and June!! You should also give yourself credit on those recent diminished paces…you are recovering from all of this stress. Stress is stress, whether it is from life or training, your body doesn’t differentiate. It simply knows it as stress. You are definitely going to achieve sub 6!! All of the hay you’ve put in the barn + a good taper = massive fire on race day to achieve that sub 6 goal!!


  2. Sounds like a crazy busy month, but it also seems that you built a super solid base and have put in a lot of key workouts. Hope that you are enjoying the taper and good luck!


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