Lake Mills Triathlon 2018 – This was a Journey

There truly is no such thing as “just” a 5K, or “just” a sprint triathlon. From the moment you register to the moment you toe the starting line there is a journey. Whether there was a tremendous transformation or training was a daily struggle, there is a story to tell. It doesn’t have to be big, but the lessons and efforts should be celebrated.

When I registered for the Lake Mills Triathlon in December I had to consider and question whether or not I should sign up under the Athena division. For those who don’t know what that means, Athena Division is a separate category from age groups defined by weight. In Women, it means weighing over 150 lbs for this particular race, though I have seen other races where it’s 160 or 165. In December my weight still qualified as Athena and I couldn’t imagine or trust that my weight would continue to drop. I was on a path of making the right choices at the time and choose to register as an age grouper.

My weight did continue to drop and I was floundering in my training during the winter months. Though my weight was dropping I wasn’t seeing any athletic benefits in my paces in the pool, trainer or running. Again, I had to trust and be patient with the process. Trust and patience are my two biggest weaknesses in life, with the third one being changing a flat tire.

Finally in May, I began to see some faster run splits and bike averages. I unexpectedly PR’ed my half marathon by one minute and began to feel confident while also not recognizing myself in pictures. Who is this girl?

Going into this triathlon my secret in-my-head goal was to finish within top ten in my age group. If you know anything about Lake Mills, you know that this is a very fast course that very fast people show up to.

I showed up. I think I can call myself faster now.
(but ignore my swim, LOOK at the bike and run times!)

Swim:  9:09, 2:05/100. I kept getting boxed in, I need to seed myself better!
T1:  1:24
Bike:  49:49, 19.3 mph. Fastest bike mph ever in a race!
T2:  1:07
Run:  25:11, 8:06 minute miles. The first split was 7:59!
AG:  7/57

I’m in disbelief at those bike and run times. Those are times that I did not know I was capable of yesterday.

Holy smokes.

This was a journey.


🌟 Huge shoutout Coeur Sports for the most comfy, stylish speed! Honored to represent Coeur on the course and cheer for others after I’ve finished!


  1. Awesome job Steena! It is definitely all about the journey and I cried ugly tears at the end of this, my first ever tri, because I never thought I was capable of this. Until now. 💪🏼🌼❤️

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  2. Congratulations on an excellent race. Great times on the bike and run. I know what you mean about trusting the process. It is so hard when the work is hard but the results don’t seem to improve. Sounds like you worked a good plan that had you well prepared for race day. That girl in the pictures is the you that was in there all the time. Sounds like you turned her loose and let her fly. Way to go!


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