The month of May was a blur of amazing things.

I broke my five year old half marathon PR by one full minute on an extremely hilly, tough course while also finishing second in my age group.

I did public speaking in front of 150 people plus a Facebook Live stream for Social Media Breakfast Madison.

I played an important role in organizing a successful Capitol View Triathlon & Duathlon event. (My job title is still in development, a year and a half into it, but I DO A LOT OF THINGS).

I got to play videographer for my team triathlon simulation last weekend.

My weight continues to drop with a total of 33 pounds lost so far.

It all went by so quickly, there were days when I felt like I was drowning but I kept powering through because I love it all. I care so much about all of the above accomplishments. The heart and care I put into what I do are what makes these things so meaningful to me and I hope the people who experience it feel the passion behind it.

Next up in June is putting all my heart into the Her Madison Half Marathon & 5K. I literally work around the clock, planning, organizing, loving, and caring. I have to admit that going into it for the second year is just as scary as the first year, but for very different reasons. I’m confident in how to execute a successful weekend, but flashbacks of last August when everything changed, but then it didn’t weigh heavily on my shoulders. I care very much about this event and my heart is all-in. I’m fortunate for the tribe of women who will be there supporting it!

While managing and prioritizing my time around Her Madison planning I’m also boldly stating that my goal for Door County 70.3 is to break six hours. This has been a goal of mine for three years and I’m ready to really do it. Thirty-three pounds lighter I’m seeing faster run splits and bike mph in training. My swim is even decent for my lazy once a week training style. I plotted down some mileage numbers and speed workouts leading up to the 70.3 in July. To keep myself accountable I’ll be using hashtag #sub6orBUST.

This weekend I get to put my short distance speed work to the test at a sprint triathlon on Sunday. I’m excited to keep the blur of fun and accomplishments going through June!


Ironworx Triathlon May 28, 2018 from Steena Cirves on Vimeo.

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  1. You have had a STELLAR month of May!! I too have the goal of sub 6 hours for a 70.3 race…I’m hoping for Ohio in July, but am going to give it my all this coming weekend in Wisconsin!! I can’t wait to see you!! 🙂


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