I showed up to a 20K race on Saturday. Just showing up came with some emotional baggage, but I sucked it up. Showing up is important, you don’t get to high-five your friends at the finish from the couch.

If you read my Instagram post, you know the short story of my race:

20K Race plan:Β 
1st three miles 9:30 pace
2nd three miles 9:15 pace
Last three miles 9:00 pace
(Seriously, math)
I realized at mile six I forgot a fourth bit of three miles to plan for. It became a bit of a shit show from there with my poor planning and the heat.
I think it’s a course PR despite that, and I nailed the first six of my plan!

I’m really pleased with how I managed my first six miles, right on target! I ended up making friends with a guy around mile five, we began chatting about triathlon. He said he’s training for his first sprint and an Ironman is a never. I told him we have seven miles to go and by the time we get to the finish he’d want to sign up for one!

I’ve done this race a couple times before and always bonk around mile nine. Saturday was no different, yet different at the same time. Last Saturday I did a duathlon in 30 degrees, yesterday the race started in the 70s. There was nothing I could have done to have my body and mind prepared to power through running in the first hot day of the year. I gave myself grace and I gave myself some credit.


I also want to share my #sportsbrasquad feels. I intentionally wore a braless Coeur top so I could take it off and experience my first race in a sports bra. While I was out there I felt fantastic. Plus, I’ve been receiving so many compliments on my new figure I felt confident doing this.

Then the race photos came out. I cringed. Most of the photos were unflattering and my skin folds over. MY SKIN. I have skin. I’m a human. I have skin and fat, and sometimes in the wrong angle it folds over, even after I lost 29 lbs. I’m going to go ahead and not apologize for that. Sorry not sorry.

I know I’ve accomplished a shit ton in the last few months and it’s all stuff I have done for me. I can’t and I won’t please everyone else’s perception of me. I refuse to feel anything but awesome.



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