Share the Road Duathlon 2018

On Saturday I got to test my multisport endurance at Share the Road Duathlon in Watertown, WI. Last year I placed third in my age group and sixth overall. I looked at my results a few days before the race and put pressure on myself to perform just as well as last year.

Last year’s numbers:
3 mile run:  24:42 – 8:14 minute mile
20 mile bike:  1:08:59 – 17.6 mph
2 mile run:  16:41 – 8:20 minute mile

This year’s…. woof. Let’s talk about the conditions first.

One, I was without a bike for one full month as I discovered a crack in my lime green Quintana Roo frame. The cracked frame situation is now resolved with a new pink frame, but I lost one month’s worth of indoor team workouts and Zwift workouts. I was able to get one outdoor ride in before race day.

Two, WEATHER. Race morning gave us “feels like 30” at the start with 15 mph wind. I didn’t think 15 mph wind would be that bad, but it was.

I miraculously layered just right with a Coeur kit under tights, a light long-sleeve, and my 2016 Ironman finisher’s jacket that has wind protection. I wore my bike gloves during the first run to save time in T1 plus my hands would already be warm going into the ride. I tucked doggie-poop bags (empty ones) into my bike shoes to shield the wind and keep my feet warm.

The first run I took off comfortably strong. I glanced at my watch and lol’ed at it when I read 7:35 minute miles, because I’ve never seen a seven on my pace before. Then we turned onto a highway on-ramp sized hill that evened out my pace to more race-normal.

Splits: 8:10, 8:17, 8:38
Transition 1: 1:08

The bike was a grind. Grueling. Demoralizing. Slow-motion. Pity-party. Just all around womp. Into that 15 mph headwind I was only able to manage 12-13 mph. Even though it sucked, I noticed that only one female had passed me so I knew that even though I was riding in molasses everyone else behind me was suffering too.

When the course finally turned out of the headwind I did the best I could to make up for lost time. I could feel my leg’s lack of bike training and real-hill climbing practice. The bike shattered my confidence, but makes me eager to put some serious focus on bike training soon!

Bike:  1:20:38 – 14.8 mph (side note, last year and this year my Garmin read 20.7 miles)
T2: :49

The second run was rough because I was feeling depleted of joy and energy from the bike ride. Still, not knowing if there was a chance of an age group placing I ran as hard as I could. I don’t have any splits to report because my Garmin didn’t feel like finding a GPS signal for the 2nd run.

2nd Run – 2 miles:  17:16 – 8:38 pace

At the finish my friend, the female who passed me on the bike, who is in my age group, (ahhhhh!!!) told me I got third in my age group. I met her last year at this event and we’ve been in touch ever since. She even drove into Madison last summer to do a long run with me. It was really cool to see her shine and take second overall female!

This was a good, hard start to the season! I know I need to work on my mental “embrace the suck” training. It all comes back down to “show up”. You never know who shows up, who is capable of what, who is having a bad day, a good day, etc. When you show up and give it your all you get to take pride in that.



  1. Nice work! I was SO GLAD to read that you used empty poop bags in your bike shoes! While the used ones may have been warmer (if the poo was fresh), it would have been very unpleasant…LOL!! Congratulations on making the podium and staying warm on a chilly morning!


  2. So glad you clarified you used empty poop bags – you wouldn’t want someone to try using full ones. 😉 You make me want to look for a dual ….


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