Bringing it in April!

I blinked and now my A-race half marathon is already this Saturday!

Do I feel ready? Nope.

I’ve put in speed work, progression runs, hill repeats and long runs. I also have gone through a stupid amount of stress that sucked some willpower out of me. That’s not an excuse, I’ll own it. My long run pace is down to 9:40 from low tens since the beginning of the year. It’s a toss up how I will perform!

What I do know is that I’m so eager to show up and do what I can with what I have. It’s the only half marathon I get to race all year since my training will turn into Ironman focus in June.

Before Ironman training and event life takes over–haha, who am I kidding? Event life has already begun to take over and April is going to be non-stop go, go go!

If you’re in the Madison area, I’d love to see you at one of the following group run events in April:

Graduate Hotel Tuesday Night Runs – Beginning April 10th I’ll be hosting Tuesday night runs at 6:00pm out of the Graduate Hotel in downtown Madison. The space here is beautiful, a must-see! They have a gorgeous rooftop bar with a view of Lake Mendota and the Capitol building. The bar will be having drink specials just for runners.

Her Madison Course Preview Run – On Sunday, April 15th we’ll meet at Cafe Hollander at 7:45am and begin running promptly at 8:00am. It’s a one-hour run, you can go shorter or longer if you wish!

Hard Coeur Hill Repeat Night – Wednesday, April 18th at 6:00pm meeting at the Graduate Hotel. Again, this space is awesome! We’ll meet at the hotel, do a quick warm up, and head over to Bascom hill for repeats. There will be a swag raffle after on the rooftop bar! Be there! You don’t have to be a “hardcore” runner. Just show up. Be you. You will be among encouraging women!

Read, Run & Have Fun Book Club Run – Sunday, April 29th. We’ll meet at 10:30am at Ian’s Pizza on State Street to do a short, social run, and then head back for pizza and book discussion. Didn’t read the book? That’s okay! We’re a group of women that like to run, eat and talk about both!

Please, RSVP, click interested and invite your runner friends to any or all of the above. The goal here is to get women out, to begin, to continue, to connect, and to just run. All abilities, all paces are welcome and encouraged!



  1. I so want to move to Madison and collaborate with you on these amazing events + join you on all of your crazy adventures! Have an amazing race this weekend! I hope the weather cooperates for you! I’ll be sending you speedy energy for a stellar race!! xoxo


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