2018 Shamrock Shuffle 10K

I ran my 5th Madison Shamrock Shuffle 10K on Saturday! Apparently I need to keep doing this run as I PR it every time!

2010:  1:05
2013:  59:35
2016:  56:57
2017:  57:24
2018:  55:23

In years ’13, ’16 and ’17 I ran 3 miles from home to the starting line, did the 10K, and then ran home as part of my long run training plan. This year I’m slacking on long runs and had John drop me off a quarter mile from the starting line. I wanted to run as hard as I could and didn’t want to waste any warm-up energy on some of the big hills on my route from home to the starting line.

It was good-thinking to not waste any warm-up energy prior to the race! The hill at the turnaround point of the 10K got me. And then Observatory Drive in the last mile got me too. Woof. Look at that face in the picture below, on the last hill!

Despite two hills that destroyed me, I was fairly consistent:

8:30, 8:46, 8:50, 9:04 (hill), 8:45, 9:06 (hill).


I’d love to see my future race pace at 8:45! There isn’t quite enough time between now and the half marathon I’m doing on April 7th, but that’s not going to stop me from putting in speed work and hill repeats from now until then!

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