Training: Intention, Discomfort & Joy

It’s here you guys, the best time of year when we finally get daylight past 6:00pm! I celebrated, from my couch, exhausted from an awesome weekend of training.

Since my last post, I have been putting more intention behind my training. When I begin a run there is a purpose to the run, whether it be recovery miles, progression run, intervals, or hill repeats. I’ve been throwing down quite a few progression runs, which really make me work on the mental side of things too. Last weekend my long run was first four miles at ten-minute miles, including some of my big, favorite hills. Then the last six miles were 9:40-9:50 minute miles. There were moments when it would have been easier to slow down, but I wanted the bragging rights of a negative split long run! Relentless forward motion with a side of discomfort got me those bragging rights!

This weekend I went to my team indoor ride of 1:45, followed by a 2.3 mile run, and then HIIT and yoga. The indoor rides have been so good for me, pushing myself beyond what I would do alone at home in my really cool paincave. I love a short brick run after, 2 miles. Weeee! I don’t know what it is about just two miles, but I fly! My splits were 9:16 and 8:38.

My Sunday long run plan was another progression, followed by a 3 mile cool down with our local She Runs This Town group run. I threw out an invite for anyone who wanted to join me in my miles before the group run and had one taker. We started our run a touch too fast, probably because we were chilly in the 25-degree air temp running on a 1-mile bridge over a frozen lake. I knew we started too fast, but it felt comfortable so I went with it. The planned progression didn’t happen, but we were consistent and I felt like I could run forever. When we started the group run I ran with some girls at a quicker pace in the lower nines, which was a great alternative to my planned progression run. Pace aside, it was a great morning of running!


Next weekend I get to see what these legs can do in a hilly 10K! I’m excited to break the starting line seal for 2018, run fast, run some hills, wonder why there are so many hills, and push that relentless forward motion with discomfort to the finish line.

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  1. I too am SO happy for the daylight hours past 6 pm! This is when spring actually starts to feel like it just might show up! Have a fun + fantastic 10K race! Be grateful to your body and it will deliver on an amazing performance! xoxo


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