Lighter & Faster Myth Buster

During my long run this morning I thought about some of the articles I’ve read from elite or professional runners who have shared their stories about how a coach encouraged them to lose a few pounds to enhance their running. I’m here to tell you from a regular, everyday runner’s perspective that losing a few pounds does not automatically equate to faster running. To get faster, you have to run faster.

In my last weekly weigh-in I was down another two pounds for a total of eighteen. I didn’t celebrate the number with a before and after picture like I have been because I’m at the point where the number really doesn’t matter. Let me be a broken record here and shout I FEEL SO FREAKING AWESOME!

Yet this really freaking awesome feeling still isn’t carrying over into my running. Actually, I felt stronger and faster with the extra weight. When I had an extra 18 pounds I was capable of breaking two hours in a half marathon. If I were to try today I would bonk promptly at mile five. I’m a unique snowflake I guess.

That’s not to say I’m going to Dunkin Donuts and going to put that weight back on, have I mentioned that I feel awesome? In fairness to my current running ability, I have only been doing more speed work focused running for one week, icy sidewalks slow me down, and omg-the-wind today. I also thought, “I’ll go run up and down one of Madison’s biggest hills in the last mile of my long run for funsies!”

Those hill repeats were rough. I told Instagram Stories that I quit after the first one, but then I went for another one. I barely made it to the top in the second repeat. I went for a third and stalled out half way up. This hill is basically a mountain. Huffing and puffing, I went for a fourth, and then hauled ass to complete a fifth. After those repeats the short run back to my car, with the wind, I was clocking an 8:45 minute mile.

Get uncomfortable, get faster.

And the crazy part is that the maniac in me wants to go back to that hill ASAP. I have so much work to do. I want to see that 8:45 minute mile more often.

If your coach tells you to lose a few pounds, tell him or her that you’re going to go do hill repeats instead.



  1. I’m so happy that you feel so “FREAKING AWESOME” because feeling great takes you to new places! Hard work definitely pays off, so go do those hill repeats! 😉 xoxo


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