Long Run Honesty

After completely surprising myself in the pool on Thursday with a 1:30 100 yard split I thought I might have the same surprise-joy during my Sunday long run.

I didn’t.

First, I procrastinated all morning, creating pent-up anxiety to do the run in the first place. That’s never a good start. Then the hourly weather forecast showed a delightful 20 mph wind to battle. This is the stuff that makes one stronger they say, right?

I thought I would have ice-free roads in the Arboretum, but thought wrong. There were a ton of slick patches of black ice. Oh, and the hills there. Here’s the thing, I don’t purposely put any incline during my treadmill runs. The treadmill is dreadful enough, why would I add any more torture to it? I’m very weak on hills right now.

In the first half of my run, as I saw 10+ minute mile split after split I was getting upset with myself, but also rationalized all of those feels. Let me break it down…


  • I was hoping that losing 16 pounds would magically make me run faster. It didn’t.
  • I can not say that I’ve been putting in the work. When I do a treadmill run I just do 3 miles of intervals and call it a day.
  • I skipped my long run last weekend to play in the snow instead.

Fix it

  • Write down workouts that I will do for the week, in pen, on a calendar, and then actually do them.

Giving myself some credit

  • It was icy, I had to use caution and slow down.
  • I had a tough hour-forty-five team ride the day before, of course my legs are moving a little slower.


  • I had a day I could run outside in some sunshine off of the dreadmill.
  • I get to do this.
  • Because I was cautious on ice, I didn’t fall.
  • I have the resources, ability and know-how to get faster.

As I was breaking this down in my head, I ended up running negative splits.

10:01, 10:23, 10:19, 9:34, 9:56, 9:46, 9:46, 9:28.

The story of these splits tells me that when I began to focus on the things to be grateful for, I ran stronger. It’s cliche’, but it happened. Think happy thoughts!

Happy thoughts for the upcoming week are those workouts I’ve written down for myself. I’m ready to actually do the work. I’m excited to see what this body is capable of.

I’m also chuffed about the 10-second timer selfie below. When I looked at the photo later it was such a great feeling to not immediately criticize myself with poor body image insults. Instead I’m so dang proud and have to look twice, and then again, and again at this lighter version of myself. Before I know it, I will have this same pride for my long run pace!



  1. The speed will come! My coach reminds me constantly that running on ice and in snow (at a slower than desired pace) builds strength. When those conditions are gone, we will have faster times. Patience is what I’ve been told. 😉 I too find that when I run with gratitude in my heart and on my mind I run faster. You look so strong, fit, and beautiful! Congratulations on the 15 pounds down!

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  2. Happy thoughts, yes! You can do this! Being honest like this is something you don’t often see online, so thank you. Also I twisted my ankle during the 2015 Madison Mini at the Arboretum so I feel your pain there! Hope all is well 🙂

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