I lost 15 pounds for this Selfie

Shortly after celebrating losing fourteen pounds I set my sights on losing one more pound just so I could take a photo with a 15-pound hand weight.

So, here’s that…

This hand weight is heavy. I tried to take the photo by myself with a 10-second timer, but it was so heavy my arm was shaking and I couldn’t get the right angle, focus, and all the other variables I require of a selfie (hey, these things matter!). As I was fumbling and readjusting my iPhone I had to laugh at the fact that this is the amount of excess weight I was carrying around just three months ago and now my arm is quivering trying to hold 15 pounds for a photo. John ended up being my selfie-stick for this photo.

In this weight loss adventure, I have made a few observations…

 • Although it felt like it was taking forever, it really didn’t. Think back to Black Friday right now, how long ago does that feel to you? It’s only been eighty-one days and I’ve made that much progress in that little time. That quote about not giving up on a goal because the time will pass anyway could not ring truer.

• This entire thing required all-in honesty. Honesty with myself, with MyFitnessPal, with my friends who supported me, and anyone else who listened to me preach about calories. Honesty is the most important piece of my success.

• I’m quick to dismiss a compliment about this achievement. At a recent group run, someone who I hadn’t seen in a couple of weeks complimented me, “Hey! You’re looking slimmer! Nice job!” to which I responded with a shrug and “Eh, I just cut the booze” when the reality is that I measured, weighed, and counted every calorie I consumed for the first four weeks of this adventure.

• The reality is that I want you to know how hard I worked to lose fifteen pounds. I didn’t go on a fad diet, eliminate food groups, drink magic shakes or starve myself. As mentioned above, I literally weighed all of my food on a food scale, measured it in measuring cups, and logged everything in MyFitnessPal. It took time, patience, work and effort. This accomplishment was earned.

• I acknowledged my weaknesses and found a way around them. Commitment was a big one. My way around was to make commitments, ironically. By committing to a group run, a Friday night swim, or joining a triathlon team I had places to be at certain times which required me showing up properly fueled– ahem, not dehydrated from cocktails, ahem honesty.

Fifteen freaking pounds. I am amazed. I’m in awe. I’m so proud. I’m excited for my future athletic endeavors!


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