Declare It Day 2018

Declare It Day was created by Fellow Flowers in 2013. Each year it was celebrated in a different way, and this year the formation of the event took a few plot twists, and ended up with my friend Melissa and I hosting a pretty large group run and then writing declarations after. If you’re not familiar with Declare It Day, it’s a day created to go beyond the New Years resolutions and declare a goal that you’re committed to achieving and putting action behind it.

As I helped plan the Madison area Declare It Day meetup I fumbled with goal ideas in my head. What can I declare? I’ve been wanting to break six hours in a half iron distance triathlon but I’m not even signed up for one this year and sadly can’t fit it into my race budget. I could shoot for a time goal or PR at Ironman Wisconsin, but there are soooo many race day variables. What if it rains? What if it hails? What if there is a Sharknado?

The theme of this year’s Declare It Day is to “get gutsy” and be willing to fail, determined to rise. This means that the goal can be something seemingly unattainable. Kona anyone? hahahhahaha. Ha. ha.  With that said, it’s tempting to throw a time goal out there, but then I run the risk of my training becoming something I dread, or feel like a chore. So many excuses and fears over here. I could vaguely declare “PR at Ironman Wisconsin” but then it’s too vague.

On the morning of Declare It Day, I still didn’t have a goal to declare so I dug up my blog post from last year’s event. I had to laugh when I saw my declaration…

Declaration-2017-3 copy

Technically I haven’t fully accomplished my 2017 goal, I still have one more pound to go. Don’t worry, I will get there and I will alert the social medias.

The part that makes me laugh and pull my hair a little is that if I had actually put action behind my weight loss goal in February last year I might have accomplished the time goals in my triathlons too.

So what if I got over the fears of what could go wrong and set a gutsy Ironman time goal and actually commit to it this time? Wouldn’t that be fun?

I’ll report back, after I lose that last pound.

One comment

  1. Eeekkk…you have me on the edge of my seat waiting to see what you “declared” for 2018!! I love the “declare it day” idea! What an amazing way to encourage ladies to dream and step outside of their comfort zone to declare their goals + dreams!!


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