Shed some Layers

I was having one of those frustrating runs where my legs felt heavy, I didn’t feel like it, my tights were riding down, and to top it all off I was overdressed because the temperature goes from 5 degrees to 40 degrees within hours. They say never trust the first mile, so I ran two but still wanted to turn around and go home. Spoiler, I didn’t. I was already at my destination for hill repeats.

I didn’t feel like it and my legs certainly didn’t feel like it, but I stuck around for hill repeats. Why? It’s time to transition from talking about goals to actually putting action towards those goals. Action is pushing myself beyond casual training and comfort zones. It is running ugly, out of breath, feel like I’m going to barf kind of running.

I took off my jacket and began my hill repeats. Up, down, up, down, repeat. Since I was already hot from overdressing to start, a strange thought crossed my mind.

I should take off my top layers and run my last repeat in a sports bra.

So I did, and it felt awesome. On my run home I realized that in that moment of hesitation before stripping my layers wasn’t in fear who would see my insecurities, but who would see this lunatic running in her sports bra outside in Wisconsin on January 31st.

I am proud to be that lunatic.


Not only did it feel awesome to strip away those physical layers, but I think it shed some mental layers of doubt too. There will be tough runs when I feel weak to start, but I need to suck it up and go. Go hard. Run up hills. Get out of breath. Let that heart rate beat to a newfound strength.

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