Surrounded by Goodness

Oh my gosh you nailed that video! Thank you so much!

The video is awesome!!!

Two texts, in the same day, from two different partners who I am fortunate to call friends. These partner-friends have noticed and recruited me to do some media for their social networks. I am honored and so stinking happy to put my talents to use with these great people.

One of them suggested that I put myself out there with my media skills–Out where? Where do I put myself? Hello? Is this thing on? I started by adding a tab to this blog, My Media Skills. It has some work samples, and there are more on the horizon to add to it!

I think this is why the phrase Find Your Tribe is so popular, and true! It seems as though I’m spending time with the right people, and the right people bring out the best in me.

Speaking of which, how about this amazing group run selfie from Saturday? We all got together for a No Excuses, Power Through Virtual Run. We all had excuses, yet we all showed up to run with each other. We powered through with all the joy.


I’m in the early stages of transitioning from all social, fun workouts to incorporating more structured training with a purpose. I love the social, fun stuff and I’m squeezing it whenever I can. Next Sunday my long run plan is six miles with a Project Sub 2 group I just started. We’re doing two miles at 9:45, two at 9:30, and the last two at whatever feels good. Immediately after that, I’m hosting my Running Book Club run with three social miles. Social miles can be easy, and they can be surprisingly fast. I did this long run method last weekend and ended up running alongside a nice chatty girl who pulled me along doing 9:20s.

The team workouts have been a blast, and I’m surprised at myself for eagerly jumping out of bed at 4:45am on Tuesdays and Thursdays to go swim with them. I’m doing swim things I would never do on my own, like use paddles and fins. I also haven’t swum twice a week in my previous training methods!

The indoor rides have been awesome too. Did you know people do single leg drills? I’ve never done these in the six years I’ve been a triathlete. My single legs burn when we do them, but it’s oh-so-good for me! When I first started these rides I was a little hesitant, “I gotta awkwardly sweat with these people for an hour? Or more? What will we even talk about? That’s a lot of time to fill in with my awkwardness“. And then it ends up being a really good workout with time spent in the big ring and there are no awkward silences, instead the silences are filled with groans of gains.

Next weekend is already jam-packed with structured and social training plans. I have taken on a lot. It lights me up. I’m having so much fun!


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