Ten! This is my Truth.

TEN! Ten was the number goal to get me on track with losing some excess weight I had gained in 2017. I have arrived! As of this morning the scale showed ten pounds lost since Black Friday, 52 days ago, 7 weeks ago.

Prior to seeing the magic number this morning, I have been feeling awesome. When I put a t-shirt on I’m not yanking it off of my rolls like I was a few weeks ago. I’ve been noticing a difference in how I look in my cute, Coeur tri kits. Basically, I’ve been giving myself a thumbs up in the mirror a lot lately. So when I saw the number this morning I was happy but more aware and proud of just how great this has all made me feel.

Sharing bits and pieces of this journey has been a challenge. I follow quite a few positive body image activists on social media. I read all of their messages, appreciate, and agree that we need to love ourselves no matter what. The positive body imagers would all throw tomatoes at me if I ever admitted to not being comfortable in my skin seven weeks ago. Know what? I’ll take those tomatoes and toss them into the next salad that I eat because that’s how I felt. What matters is that I had the courage to find a way out of that feeling.

A friend pointed out in my comparison photo that I look happy in both photos. She said, “You are just so damn happy in both photos which is what I love about you- you just GLOW and radiate such joy and that translates into confidence regardless of your weight“.  She’s absolutely right. Though I wasn’t proud of the excess weight I was carrying, I did everything with a heart full of joy, and of course still do!


For anyone who has been following along, sending support, or quietly rooting for me, THANK YOU. This is such a challenging topic to share for so many reasons. I put it out there because this is my truth.


  1. I wish there was a “love” button instead of just the “like” button for this post! HUGE Kudos to you! And I agree with your friend! She is 100% spot on! You are so full of joy and “radiate” happiness! #ROCKSTARSTATUS


  2. I love your honesty. And your smile. I agree that our weight shouldn’t impact our feelings about ourselves, but for some/most/all of us it does. The struggle is real!


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