New Year’s Day Dash 2018

The selfie below represents how much I want change for myself in 2018. On the Instagram post I wrote:

I show up
I get uncomfortable 
I run
I chase down a small goal, that’s part of bigger goals
I question my sanity, worth & want
I run harder
I will be grateful 
I will begin 2018 with that


Just getting to the starting line was a victory in it of itself. The last time I actually arrived to the starting line was in 2013, and DNS’ed the following three years due to draaaannnks. Well, one year it was icy, but, I was still pretty hungover, let’s be real.

Last week weather reports were showing some pretty rotten race conditions for the day, -20 to -30 windchills. My first reaction was, “Nope, I’m out”. But this was going to be the year I was going to show up, dammit. So I put on 42 layers and I look and feel like the boy in The Christmas Story.

Goal: As close to 9:00 minute miles as possible

8:34 – Awesome
8:56 – That’s okay
9:16 – That’s okay-ish
9:13 – Hmm, faster now?
8:53 – How bad do you want it?

A guy from my Tuesday Night Run group passed me in the last half a mile. I asked him if he was going to break 45 minutes, he said yes and I told him I’d follow him. It was puke-fast feeling, but I’m glad he passed me in that moment. I thought of words from the book How Bad Do You Want It and asked myself just that.

How bad do you want it? 



Results: 44:57 8:59 minute mile average.

Happy New Year 2018!


  1. You are much tougher than I am! Those temperatures! We had windchill temps at -40*F and I was not impressed. Way to get after your goals and crush them! Cheers to 2018 being the year of overcoming self doubt and fighting for our dreams!


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