Headstands. I do them now, for like five whole seconds. It’s kind of a big deal! I would see these strong, well-balanced yogis strike a headstand and I would think, “Wow, wish I could do that”

Here’s the thing about being an adult and wanting to accomplish things; nobody is going to do the work for you to achieve it. You want to run faster? Then get uncomfortable, run faster. You want to run your first half marathon? Find a training method, start running, stick to it. You want to do a headstand? Then get upside down, fall, get up, try again, and keep doing it until you can.

This headstand that I held for a personal record of five seconds tonight is going to be my symbol of YOU CAN DO HARD THINGS going into 2018. It’s that time of year when I’m dabbling in big dreams. I thought of a ridiculous goal the other night which prompted me to run one mile as fast as I possibly could on the treadmill. I hammered out a 7:56–SEVEN FIFTY-SIX. A split that begins with seven is unheard of in my training logs.

I’m excited for the newly lit fire within me.




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