Pain-Cave Trainer Space & Fat Tire Biking

My newly renovated spare bedroom is basically done! That’s the thing about home improvement projects, I never feel like they’re completely done. There’s always some loose ends and “I should do this, or that” feeling tied to it. All that really matters is that it’s done enough for me to be on the trainer alongside the Ironman Wisconsin bike course elevation chart on the wall.


My first ride on the trainer was on Thanksgiving Day. It was so beautiful outside, and I really wanted to run outside. It felt like a wasted beautiful day being indoors, but I’m giving my legs some extra recovery time after the marathon. My trainer ride was such a delightful, rude and needed awakening. I did a Zwift programmed workout, and couldn’t even do the last couple of intervals. I just couldn’t. There was no fight left in my legs. It was even a bit puke-bucket worthy. Lots of work to do here!

On Saturday I messaged a friend in Milwaukee who recently bought a fat tire bike. A few message exchanges later and we had plans for four of us to meet at Lapham Peak State Park. A couple hours later we met and hit the trails…the very, very boring trails. The climbing for no-reward trails. It was a horse trail in an open field without the adventure of roots and rocks to ride over. Twenty minutes later we were in our cars on our way to Kettle Morraine State Park, with much more exciting trails!

Through the woods we zipped, shouts of Wheeeee and laughter were echoing in the trails. The laughter turned into a “Womp, womp” when John’s chain broke and nobody had a method of fixing it. John, being the super great guy he is shrugged and said, “Well, it’s a great day for a run too! I can run and push my bike back, I’ll have fun!”

We continued on without John, though I felt pretty bad for him. He doesn’t get out on the fat tire bike often enough! In return, I offered to drive home so he could have an extra post-ride beer. Though he’s pouting in the picture below, he was still smiling from the adventures the next day.


Up next…More recovery from the marathon, yoga, trainer rides, swimming, and of course as much fat tire biking as I can get in!


  1. I seriously LOVE the trainer room! That wall is SO cool! Fat bike riding looks like so much fun! Did you rent one before you bought? I’d love to try this sometime!


    • Fat bike riding is so stupidly unexplainably fun. Every person I get to go with me squeals in the woods “THIS IS SO MUCH FUN!” and then after say that it’s something you can’t explain, you just have to experience it. I rented one, and then bought one immediately the next day. THAT MUCH FUN!! Find a rental in your area!

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