Forced Rest

Last week when I started coughing with a sore throat my first thought was “Yup, you deserve this”. I was also kindly reminded that Ironman Wisconsin was only ten weeks ago. What have I done in those ten weeks? Go, go, go, go, fat-tire bike race, rebuild my long runs to prepare for Madison Marathon, travel to California, run Madison Marathon, and then get sick.

I wasn’t even mad that I got sick after hustling through those last ten weeks. I wouldn’t change a thing either. It only took a couple days after Madison Marathon when sitting still felt uncomfortable. I like to be busy!

While sitting out from workouts to recover from this sore throat I started the process of painting my spare bedroom where I’ll be spending my winter on the trainer. John and I picked gray and light lime green for the color, to match our bikes of course. When I was trying to decide which wall would get the lime green I spewed out “What if we painted the Ironman Wisconsin bike course elevation chart on this wall?”

What if turned into why not. This is part of homeownership, right? We get to paint things on the walls that light us up. This winter when I feel myself getting lazy on the trainer it’ll take one look to the left and I’ll be reminded of Ironman WI’s favorite hills to hate. It’s in the process of transformation as I type this. I will report back with a photo once the bedroom is reassembled into presentable picture taking order.

Another huge project I’ve been working on since I came back from California is the video recap of the Rock Retreat Run event. It was the biggest and most intimidating video project I’ve ever taken on. Plus, I’m an amateur! But the incredible women who invited me knew what I was capable of and chose me. I went through hours of video clips, re-living some special moments was such a treat. Compiling them all into a seven-minute recap took so much care and attention to detail. I finished the project this morning. I’m proud of it and can’t wait to share it!

For the rest of this season, once I’m done being sick, I plan to do activity as I please. If I feel like swimming I’ll go swimming. If I want to frolick in the snow, I’ll do that. If I want to sit on the sofa and snuggle with my dogs, I’ll do that!



  1. I’m super excited to see this wall! Did you use the profile with or without Barlow?!?! Dog snuggles are ALWAYS important! I hope you feel better soon girlfriend! Hugs!


  2. What a cool idea for your wall! I bet there’d be a demand for wallpaper stick-ons of various course elevations if you could figure out how to make and market them. 🙂 Can’t wait to see your video.


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