San Diego


I had the pleasure of spending my 36th birthday in San Diego surrounded by some amazing, strong, fearless women that Fellow Flowers brought together for an event called Rock Retreat Run. It was a true gift to just be there. I’ve never seen the ocean before and I don’t remember the last time I saw a palm tree, if ever.

I arrived the night before the event started, with aspirations of waking early to get in a long run by the ocean. Waking up on Thursday morning with only five hours of sleep I dropped the idea of a long run. Instead I would just run a couple of miles.

Little did my directionally challenged self know, I was headed towards the ocean. As I was running, I saw a group of girls running with flowers in their hair ahead. I hustled as best as I could to catch up and see if I might know any of them. I didn’t, but said hello and kept running. When I hit mile 2 I stopped to pull up a map on Strava, wondering how close I might be to the ocean. Strava showed me it was a quarter mile to the right!

I turned right and saw blue. Blue forever. Wow, so much wow. I stumbled onto the beach sand and soaked in this moment of awe. There it was, the freaking ocean.

A few minutes later the girls I had passed during my run found me, and they joined in on the enthrallment of the ocean. One of them suggested to me that I put my feet in. At first I objected, no way, I was on a run! I had to run back to the resort! But the ocean excitement got me, I did it. It was everything that I hoped for and more.


On Sunday after the Rock Run Retreat event, I went on an ocean kayak tour with a few friends. We were guided into a small cave and learned some history of the homes on shore. When the tour was over the guide instructed us on how to safely ride the wave back to shore. My kayak partner Michelle looked at me and grinned, “Hold my beer”

We rode a wave, and the ocean spewed us into a hilarious kayak belly-flop. It was the most hysterical and memorable part of this trip.

I have so many thoughts and feels after attending Rock Retreat Run, but I’m letting them simmer for a bit.


  1. So amazing! I’m so glad you got to see the ocean, enjoy the sunshine + beautiful views, enjoy time with friends, and soak up some warm weather + vitamin D before Minnesota winters!


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