Marathon training and joy

Since my last post about running and riding trails, I’ve only returned to the trails once. I had an unexpected early afternoon off of work, where I could have used that time to finish the million things on my to-do list, but I took my fat tire bike out and enjoyed some me-time. These sunny, warm, beautiful October afternoons are limited, they must be filled with joy.


On the marathon training front, I had been nervous I might need to drop to the half marathon. My legs just weren’t coming around after Ironman. My long runs all felt pretty rough and had me thinking I have no business showing up for 26.2 miles. I thought of a few reasons to quit, but I refused to let myself check the marathon website to see when the deadline was for distance changes. If I let myself check, it would be a step towards giving up. This is a good kind of stubborn!

Finally last Friday I had a decent feeling long run! I still ended up running/walking the last few miles of 16 and I was okay with that. I’ve had the pleasure of running on sunny, warm, beautiful fall colored days and if it takes me a few minutes longer to finish my long run, more Madison beauty to enjoy for me!



What’s left for my marathon training is an 18 miler this coming weekend, that I’m actually looking forward to! I had a friend message me and ask me to join her in her Fellow Flowers virtual Joy Run. She’s looking to do 5 miles and bringing two other friends. I’ve asked a couple of my friends if they want to join as well, so 5 miles of my 18 will be FULL of JOY!

I have a lot going on between now and the marathon, and I fully intend to find the joy in all of it, taper included!

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  1. It took me a good 6-8 weeks for my legs to bounce back from IMMT, so I know EXACTLY what was going through your head about wanting to drop down to the 1/2. I’m glad your legs are finally bouncing back and feeling more recovered! Just in time to get those big miles in before race day!


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