Running & Riding Trails

September and October make me want to do nothing but run and bike on trails. Trails are so challenging, they make me feel so weak, out of breath, and I even trip over roots earning a mouthful of dirt. I love it.

Last weekend I ran 10 trail miles, partially as recovery from Ironman and partially as build up for Madison Marathon on November 12th. John joined me and enjoyed it so much he went back to run trails without me. The nerve.

Then I found a fat tire bike series called Hugh Jass Bike Series. I signed up! Saturday was my first event of the series. It was so hard and I loved every grueling and fun minute of it! The course was 3 laps of an approximately four mile loop. That’s the mind-blowing part of off-road “racing”, there is no clock! No specific distance! No pace, mph, NO CARE!!

The course was pretty technical for my noobie skills. Some tight 90 degree turns, trees hugging the path so tight it was exactly handle bar width to get through, rough rocky, rooty patches, and so on. It takes a lot of skill, experience and trust in the bike for this terrain. Something I’m slowly building!


Sunday after the fat tire bike race I had 13 miles of running that I was dreading. My legs were tired from the race, and it was kind of absurdly hot out for October, and of course I waited until 1:00pm to do it. I ran the hilly miles 15-21 of the Madison Marathon course. It was rough. I wanted to quit so many times. I also want to have a decent marathon in Madison on November 12th, so I kept going.

Next long run I’ll just keep going, back on the trails.


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