My “to” and “not to” lists

During my peak training I said to John “Do not let me sign up for Ironman WI 2018”

Now, a week later I have a list of reasons to sign up for Ironman WI 2018 and a list of reasons not to sign up.

Reasons to sign up:

  • I want to do better
  • I can do better
  • This is my lifestyle
  • The course is in my backyard
  • John is going to do it
  • I love it
  • It grounds me
  • It would be my 5th, making me halfway to a Kona legacy slot
  • Speaking of Kona, I want to go there and even though I’m nowhere near qualifying finish times, stopping now won’t help

Reasons not to sign up:

  • It’s fun to cheer
  • I should volunteer and give back (I can/will do this at the 70.3 in June)
  • Focus on shorter distances and get faster
  • Potential burnout
  • Race day weather has been ideal since 2013, are we due for a yucky day?
  • To be John’s race day sherpa

With the above being said, I already missed Tier 1 pricing. Ironman is doing tiered pricing now, X amount of slots are sold at one price, then it goes up by $50 by quantities of people registered. Smart on their part. I’m mad at myself for missing tier one.

Today is my last day with my personalized registration link. Open registration begins tomorrow, and then I risk missing tier 2 pricing.

I know in my heart I want to do this, yet I’m waiting for that sign. That sign that tells me 100%, without a doubt I need to keep going in the direction of my dreams.



  1. Follow your heart…it won’t lead you astray! We will be there volunteering and spectating again in 2018. Looks like we’ll be racing IMWI 70.3, so we’ll see you in June for sure!


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