Ironman WI Race Week

It’s Ironman Wisconsin race week!

Where do I start? This has been such a different journey than it was in 2013, 2014 and 2016. The first year training was all magic and unicorns. Everything fresh, shiny and exciting. The second year was meh and I just wanted it to be over. Last year was special to share with John as he trained for his first.

This year? I could have not predicted how the year would unfold for me. I got access to a team through my employment situation, which was helpful, sometimes. I got to proudly represent Team Coeur 2017. I got tossed into the stress of looking for a new job in the middle of August. I dyed my hair pink. And this paragraph doesn’t even mention all the training! But I will say that this has been without a doubt the best year of my life. I wouldn’t change a thing.

So week of… I always wish I swam more, biked more, ate better, did more of this or that. I’ll work with what I have. I put plenty of training miles in. I showed up when I didn’t want to. I’m ready to handle the day as it comes.

I am excited and feel a tiny bit of confidence. I want to enjoy the day and PR–there I said it.

For anyone tracking, my bib number is 1275. Below are my estimated swim, bike run times:

Swim:  1:25 – 1:30 (though a new swim start method could make this interesting)
T1:  10-13 minutes
Bike:  7:00-7:20 (that’s HOURS on a bike)
T2:  5-8 minutes
Run:  4:45-5:15
Day: 14+ hours

The above are reasonable, based on my training expectations. Anything can happen on race day. I could get a flat tire and add 10-15 minutes to my expectations. I could have an amazing feeling run and finish sooner. Anything. Can. Happen.


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